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WE’VE all let our hair go a little bit too long between washes. But one hairdresser is actually encouraging her followers to do this and suggesting their use the excess oil to their advantage.

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A hairdresser has revealed the devastating texts she received from a young employee as she watched her 16-year-old brother suffer a fatal heart attack. prue taylor, who owns the Lady and the Hair ...

She goes on to explain that her “soon-to-be-ex-husband” is involved with a hairdresser in colorado. kaylene elaborates, “It was a woman he had an affair with, that we’ve had problems with ...

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Luckily one group of hairdressers is attempting to set the record straight. One of the hairstylists can be seen sharing her key five top tips - including avoiding supermarket shampooCredit ...

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Miranda Kizziar, a hairdresser, went to KJ’s Kwik Stop in Malad City with her friend and brought $100 to buy lottery tickets, the Idaho Lottery said in a Wednesday, Nov. 2 facebook post.

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