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Happy shopping! Explore the SHOP As popular as they are, though, as someone with very fine hair, I’ve generally found that the hair ties, no matter the size, eventually fall down or slip out.

Web About Sorbet. Sorbet is your nationwide beauty therapy hub with over 200 Stores countrywide. From manicures to pedicures, skin care and body massages, good hair days and bad hair days (and unwanted hair days) we’re here to serve up a double scoop of “Amazing” all week long.

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Although it may be tempting to whip through tangles or keep your hair as neat as possible, professionals say there is such a thing as over-brushing it. "Brushing your hair offers great stimulation ...

To keep your natural curls looking vibrant, voluminous, and healthy when blowdrying, there is one hair tool that is non-negotiable: a hair diffuser. For those who don’t know, hair diffusers are ...

Hair thinning causes can include aging, your genes, shifting hormones, and your diet. Learn what else might be playing a role. Whether you’re a woman or a man, it’s normal for your hair to ...

She matched her hair to her lips, for a double whammy. Katy Perry has sported her fair share of hair colors. From blue to platinum and black to this "My Little Pony" purple. We love how the shade ...

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However, if you're on the market for new shampoos and conditioners, as well as styling creams, mousses, and oils, scroll down for the 25 best curly hair products you never knew you needed.

Web All retails stores at Fourways Mall are listed according to categories in the store directory which is easily accessible. Search Facebook Instagram. Close. Categories: Promotions: Close categories. ... hair, Health & Beauty. Haircare. Health & Beauty. Hobby Store. Home & Decor. Homeware and Furnishing. Jewellery. Jewellery & Accessories. Kids ...

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