Women's Hair Salon

Posted on October 20, 2020

Women's Hair Salon

At A & I salon, we deliver unexcelled services that satisfy customers and are worth every penny. We only use high-end products, causing no damage; instead, we promise to give you outstanding impressive hair services.

Services offered by us:

Haircut: Our hairdressers give unique shape and texture to hair according to our clients' preferences. Older ladies prefer short bobs with different undercuts for styles as they are simple to manage, decent, flattering, and suits their personality by enlightening their feminity. Long layers, feathered cut, pixie, shags are other different haircuts. Ringlets and tendrils are another type of hair which gets messed up if not trim properly and grow as they could. Having professional and qualified hairdressers makes us the best women hair salon in Toronto, ON.

Wash and style: Another type of service is to wash and give styles. While washing your hairs, we do deep conditioning, leaving them soft, manageable, and shiny while maintaining waves and giving style to it. The brush we use for this has excellent pull leaving hair so defined. This unique service makes us stand out as the leading Toronto hair salon for women.

Haircut and style: It's the combination of the above two services. We give a fresh look by giving haircuts and then style hair according to the customer's wishes. Style may include blow-dry, twist, braids, buns, and a lot more. Our experienced staff can give you different styles according to your choice, making us a famous ladies' hair salon in Toronto.

Oil treatment: Who doesn't love to style their hair and look gorgeous? But nobody takes into consideration the damage caused to hair because of hot styling tools. These tools are prone to cuticle damage. A & I salon provides oil treatment that brings lifeless, brittle, rough, and dull hair back to life by giving appropriate nourishment and moisturization with products that minimize color and styling damage. We use organic oil, mustard oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and seven herb oil depending on your hair's condition. Our oil treatment makes a visible difference in your hair, making us the best girls hair salon in Toronto.

Hair perm: Our experts use high-end products like perm lotion and neutralizer that last for a more extended period and cause less damage to your beautiful hair. Moreover, we use different techniques to add texture and volume to your hair and tips on taking care of your hair after a perm.

Straight perm: Straight hair looks so gorgeous and stunning, So if you want to get rid of frizzy and unmanageable hair, our hairstylist gives their 100% to customers along with focusing on the rigorous conditioning of your hair.

Colour treatment: Hair dye is the most common practice nowadays. We can dye your hair in any color you want, depending on the condition of your hair. Old ladies prefer grey dye that suits their personality while giving them a smart and young look. On the other hand, girls prefer dying hairs from blonde to brown to red and many other colors depending on their choice.

Tint: Some people are reluctant and not ready to dye their hair. But who doesn't love change? So for a change and modern look, we offer a tinting service. This extra layer of color is added to your hair strands by our skilled colorist without changing your base color.

Instead of waiting and searching for the best women's hair salon in Toronto, ON, visit us. We will make sure that you get the best hair services in Toronto. For further detail, contact us at 416-449-3838

Women's Hair Salon

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