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Wild Hair Salon is committed to developing a relaxing environment for you. We offer the newest, most innovative hair products and services available. Our talented team of stylists provide solutions that are specifically designed to meet your needs and maintain a healthy beauty lifestyle. We look forward to improving your hair health!

Video Transcript

hey guys don't forget to subscribe and turn on your notifications [Music] hello here what is your name my name is Helen what an average name so what's the occasion for its my anniversary congratulations thank you so what would you want well I just wanted a little touch-up ah sorry what was that oh you wanted okay what I actually wanted was just a little bit of the sigh amazing okay you don't worry hirako very careful that's it I think you're very unprofessional can you wasting my time sometimes go now ready girls how do you want me I mean how do you want me to do your hair yeah just clean up the edges some highlights ready to work yes what's the occasion I'm going on a date me I mean with I mean no okay you know what just relax I'm gonna start maybe why are you coming to my job I already thought about working you're my girl I can assist away [Music] hey you better not be checking on my lady I'm not sir okay thanks Jules I am so sorry that's not happen again I'm still sorry yeah okay well um can we wrap it up I gotta go hi I'm here for my appointment oh yeah so what do you want in your hair just a little way Thank You Julie I'm ready she needs a piece of a nice special that's okay [Music] oh yeah are we gonna make it to a sexy lesbian a whole lot of us would get you're right baby now let's go let's just keep what we messed up no I love it it's oh my gosh I look like Shakira yeah I mean you're gonna give us a good review [Applause] [Music] one good review was apparently not enough to save the latina hair salon which closed just a few hours ago after dozens of bad reviews it was horrible the boisterous I mean one of them actually tried to choke me one of the stylist boyfriends came in and tried to fight me took a couple swings but they I defended him me back down and there you have it well back to you at the studio thank you so much for watching don't forget to like [Music]

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