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"Henna freckles" is a popular TikTok trend where people use the dye to draw dots on their faces. Some South Asian creators, for whom henna is a cultural symbol, say the trend is appropriative.

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Some products stand out as must-haves I would re-purchase with my own money during the big gorgeous hair event — others are ...

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Especially for young teens who are wanting to use more make-up or hair dye and I suppose to spread the awareness that some people can have allergies. I didn't know until I had a tattoo [henna] and ...

Global Henna Powder Market 2019 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2024. The worldwide market for Henna Powder is exp ...

To help you identify the best alternative hair dyes that use well-regulated, synthetic coloring agents as well as plant-based ingredients (like henna, German chamomile and senna) we consulted with ...

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