The EASIEST Loose Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial

So today I'm going to be showing you how to create the easiest beachy waves hair tutorial. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it is so easy and only requires 3 steps! It's perfect for beginners who are trying to do loose beach waves on short and long hair.

Video Transcript

so my main goal in life is to take my very flat straight hair to a perfect undone wave and I feel like I've been doing it wrong my entire life until now I mean show you guys how I do a very very quick perfect loose wave that kind of like I just went surfing at the beach but not because I look more fabulous than that but I have the beachy hair of my dreams kind of look and I'm going to show you how I do it so I put a leave-in conditioner in my hair I blow-dried my hair this is my hair blow-dried and I'm just gonna go ahead and start with this I do use a curling iron for this but I have a special new technique that I have been using with the curling iron I use this instead of a wand because I actually find this is very effective for one part that we're going to do at the end of the curl so I've really come to appreciate this little thumb finger toggle here over a wand I prefer these girls over wand girls so the first thing we're gonna do is brush out the hair make sure it's all nice and smooth and then I like to section my hair into four sections but I also just do one side at a time so I'm gonna take half of my hair and put it away in a clip and we'll come back to you later so then we get the bottom hair basically we're gonna be taking tiny little pieces of hair smaller chunks and the whole key to the undone wave especially when you're using a heated tool that I found anyway when I'm doing this particular look is to leave the tool on the hair for as little time as possible we're not wanting to get that entire curled effect we just want a little little bump in there and another thing that I've learned is that I like to start the curl about half way down the hair obviously depending on how long your hair is but as my hair has been growing a little bit longer I like to start it around the halfway point and we're just doing a little turn the whole point is to just get like one bend in the hair and that'll give them more on loose wave effect so I'm going to start with this first piece here I'm gonna be curling the waves away from my hair I switch up the directions a few times but I always start away so I'm gonna be starting at the midpoint of my hair I do one curl and then what I do is I loosen the thumb toggle all the way down until the end of my hair and then you pull it down I don't know how to talk through this basically you're keeping the clamp fixed on the end so you're almost straightening the end part so basically what you're left with is just a little wave right in the middle and then a straighter more sleeked smooth out end of the wave so we're doing that one away and then the next chunk of hair I'm gonna do towards me so I'm doing one curl in the center and then I'm loosely dragging the wand through and right as we get to the end of the hair I'm gonna straighten the wand out and smooth out at the end just like it's so easy and when you're only doing half your head it's really a lot faster then again switching up the direction facing away [Music] if you find that some pieces are looking a little bit more flat than others don't be afraid to just go back in and give it a little reject sometimes a few of the pieces in the hair I like it to have a curl starting a little bit more up just to give me a little bit of extra volume but it kind of just depends on what you're what you're going for I'm pretty happy with how this looks I feel like this is nice and undone looking and then I will put down the top layer and do the exact same thing on the top the first piece the back of the head I always like to make sure that I'm brushing it out straight at the back just cuz I don't like to have that back of the head line you know I'm just gonna do exactly the same thing on the top that we did to the bottom I'm gonna start away I'm gonna rotate them as we go away to work away toward and then always make sure the bangs are going away from the face to give it that windswept look outside of the face [Music] right and then when all of the curls are done I just like to shake it all out see what the waves are looking like and I think I think it turned out just great so we're gonna do the exact same thing on the other side [Music] [Music] if you ever feel like you curled a piece a little bit more than the other like this sides a little bit more curly and bouncy than this side I just take the curling iron and I just clamp it over it kind of like a straightener and it smoothes it a little bit but that is it that is how fast and easy the actual curls take you could absolutely leave it like this but I always like to emphasize it a little bit with some product so for me when I'm styling my hair I always like to ensure that it will last all day long and I won't get greasy or oily as I'm touching my hair all day so I like to go in with a dry shampoo so I'm gonna take a dry shampoo and just spray it to throw out my root and soak up some of the excess oils I also find that adding a little bit of dry shampoo just automatically adds a little bit of volume too lately I've just been using dry shampoo in lieu of any kind of root texture powder the dry shampoo kind of does that on its own it's already even more voluminous but if you want an even more volume I always going with the texturizing spray and what I do at the texture spray is I lift up the hair and I spray the spray as I go down and I find it really gets into the nitty-gritty portions of the hair so I'm you know take this break lift the hair and spray as I drop it this is just a couple spritz a little blue and then because we've just soaked our hair and drying powders I always like to take a little spritz a little squirt of a hair oil I put it right into the palm of my hand mix it in through my hair and I just run this over the top and through the ends of my hair kind of pulling as I go and this just helps add a little bit of extra shine into all of the powder and damage that we've just given to our hair and finally if you wanted to lock it in place and make sure that it stays all day give it a little bit of a light hold hairspray emphasis on the light because I don't like it when my hair feels like chunky and hard and plasticky I like it to still remain very soft so throughout the day when I'm rejigging my hair I can still put my hands through it's not being melted into place with a hard hold hairspray so light hairspray is my preference and that is everything for this very easy very quick undone wavy hairstyle the perfect undone tousled waves if you will I am absolutely obsessed with this technique I have been doing my hair like this absolutely every single day it is so easy and it so quick another bonus this hairstyle lasts many a days I really don't have to redo my hair for the next couple days which is so great it's the perfect lazy gals waves y'all I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you recreate it definitely tag me let me know if any of these tips helped you in your hair curling days and if you have any tips for me or any favorite products that you like to use let me know and the comments down below I really hope you enjoyed this video everyone thank you so much for watching be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos from me and I'll see you all tomorrow for another video just kidding we've got a giveaway well I really wanted to give you all my favorite hair products when it comes to doing my hair but unfortunately Canada Post has an aerosol can restriction which are many of the things that I use so I went to Sephora today and I just bought a bunch of my favourite hair products that didn't involve aerosol cans and I bought them for you so one of you will win this bag of hair goodies way leave-in conditioner loving this so much lately the Brio Gio don't despair repair very annoying packaging but very great hair mask quai scalp and body scrub looks divine the way a hair oil which I've also used today the olaplex hair Perfector the original mask that is such a 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