Textured Fringe Fade Haircut For Asian Hair | Asian Mens Hairstyle

The textured fringed fade haircut is a unique haircut for Asian men. Asian men are getting more hip with their hair trends, and adding a little texture to their straight cut is a great way to stand out. This trendy look is perfect for guys with thicker hair who want to try something new with their hairstyle.

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hi guys welcome back to the regal gentlemen YouTube channel we want to collect this it's Dana bot Damon in the chair and Damon we've had a sit-down and we've had a little conversation of what what name would like on today so and what he's looking for is something very messy on the top and then working down to a normal fire quite low around the back and sides and so yeah I think that really works for the look I think it I think you can see if you have a little look there's quite a lot sexiest than in the haircuts a lot of movements in there so it's gonna really really help me today the only my only concerns where is when I wake up when I was kind of looking through the hair cuz it's got a very sort of different sort of lengths throughout this haircuts much like one size mega long compared to other he's got a very heavy disconnection sitting through the side there you see just sitting right over right thing is this connection comes from there which is over the round of the head now the only problem with that so it's very hard to connect when you don't want back and I don't think he needs it in this circle base everything that this connections gonna I think it will help them having longer lengths but it's I think it should sit just on the blend is that way you've still got the blend still grows out nicely problem I find with this connections it's such heavily this inner it's actually this connections is that they don't last when the grass that's why I kind of veer away from them she can still have a top-heavy haircut you just don't need to you can still connect it so there's if you just pull this horizontally you're over direct the length into here but you're still keep a lot of them to go forward so that working with this connection or wakin with connecting in by over direction which really really helps her here because blow outs and I know he stars it very well but he also said that when it gets a bit longer it sends the part sort of down the middle like that which I kind of like to be honest and what the reason that does that is because obviously it's a lot longer so yeah everyone has a natural party so if you raise your coefficients X rises to certain ways even as it gets a bit longer it should stay messy it shouldn't split too much obviously it's were certain lengths you commonly helped up and what for what so they're mud son he leaves it throughout the hair cuz we shouldn't be having that so I think we'll just exercise this in a way that will help it for and still miss can i still stay messy throughout it's a sort of like a that's six week mark on a four week mark or whatever so but a longevity in the circle at the back we can see from sensors are a lot of heavy weights in here so it's almost making his head but true doubts at the back just the way the shapes coming out and then flat and then forward I don't think personally that's doing any favors for his for his profile so I think by taking it up a bit higher will really help you can still keep a little bit of lengthen and again working across Wagner to blend will really helps you still keep lengthening because I think the Crown store needs to have that longer later it's a blending book if we pick that up I think we kind of want to make this much do you fall out to here you want to make that much a bit more so as it gets a bit longer see so I think we pull that down there we connect that it's of that length on the top as you can see that back bits just a bit longer when you pull it down so we connected sir there and cut that bit off there that will all connect through and that would really really help so yeah I think we'll go to wash condition and then here okay what good okay so we've just some polluting fish and Damon say now when obviously when you wash it you really start to see how it wants to sit so what it looks like to me you've got the heavy distillation come here problem is for me that this connection is too far back I think if you want to leave the fringe longer with the frames longer so I think we can try and start to connect them these bits so you can still leave save this bit this to method if you want to soup just through here but then just take the sections behind it slightly shorter just you still have a heaviness but you can try try to burn Berlin listen if I can and well you see exactly how it's being put last as well so it looks as though it's being kept quite low and then to build weight through here now it works and I like it but I want to mix it up a little bit today I want to take it a bit higher and we're gonna different blend the method it's a really help they're sort of to remove the cornice that we don't necessarily need I think to keep a bit longevity and cuz I think when they start getting mushy in in Asian here all that anyone would Betty straight hair to be fair and when you start leaving weight through the corners here it doesn't have much longevity because the weight of the hair is soaking usually so thick it will sit very flat on the head now it start to create that kind of like almost a peak like this and more than it becoming like this so by taking the corner a bit higher I'm waking the blend to treat the squareness and then wait in the way to sit on top of the blend that's where you get that kind of still sharp women for also longevity she's don't have all that weight sitting heavy over the corner that's what I'll try and remove today for him is just try and see if he gives her a bit longevity in the hair it goes wrong so I'm gonna dry this off and then we're going to start on the back inside as we start to dry it through just off to see how heavy it sits almost after the other blend this in perfectly because I think when you're working on the anything it's so straight it exposes so many mistakes or you know say say you took your section too wide it really shows it there's no there's no hide and a mistaken sort of sort a straight hair so that's why I think by doing the prevention or the cure working from the crown line all off first it just helps me to sort of a stay away from kind of making a slight mistake or whatever so with my number to get myself that moon to blend and dropping it just maybe an inch before where I want to start blending into the song [Applause] [Music] when I'm at Sudan now I'm gonna wake down using the grades in terminal point five because I want this to be a very nice sort of seamless blend I don't want to put the line in and blend the line outs stop create more of a harsh blend so one half in this is basically almost like you're rubbing the clicker across the head it just creates that kind of like that a steady rhythm is what you're looking for [Music] [Applause] don't worry looks good soon [Applause] down to my one now so close guard coming off just a little bit lower now just wake them back on to my half slower any little lumps and bumps so I can see they're kind of seamlessness in this blend choosing the corner to doing very little bits now onto my half guard coconuts set that in Samoa one and just work down still all in one go just so keep it serious it's just a flick down and we're helping us [Applause] yes now what I'll do is I'll just take the neck in Tardos open guard so leave it down just get away won't take much off because it's on a low profile ready there's no way through the lever just to finish this off nicely see your hands are very natural hairline and start to connect into this blender using very shallow and sections just to make sure you keeping the sections tighter will minimize any risk of any a sort of steps in this plan I'll make it a lot more seamless just way open over the code hey it's coming out of an angle using that as my guide I can maintain all this length here start to create a nice blend without compromising this Thank You Nicole men when the opposite of that line moisture [Applause] just oscillate at the higher [Applause] you shouldn't move but Sir my clipper comb and just wait that one behalf in goodsoon [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] it's such a visual thing we do hair at this texture you ring the signal and just take a little step back to have a look exactly like starting to form [Applause] okay so we fit the Sun a little bit higher [Applause] what let's go clean up so I'm sure H over here the hairline now use the mini trimmers and then we work on the top so the edge here you say I caught them leaving it natural so Cotton's are too much or I just really really sharp a little [Music] the wake over that blends in the half to the one just to make sure there's no darker patches in the hair didn't get that so you start seeing a little bit of staff exposure although a dark thick hair happens on mine they want me back really super thick straight hair just use the minis in the comb just to kind of get me there really if they kind of the dark glass that you see probably from fair that away that'll close [Music] and we said that the start I think for my way from the back to the front just take away the crown against remove that there so I'm not gonna cut it and then I want to try and keep that length through the Fulton and my ear so through the middle for the top was that length one nice to hear as well but obviously what I'll do is I'll make sure it's all sitting straight and scale a little bit long as he gets difference if he'll break that up as well so quite harsh cuts into that especially when you doing straight here I always try to stay away from doing anything sort of sort of straight and I always have the point cuz it just really wasn't that way it's a lot better just sit the finish is a little bit nice wiping person just saw it's not see a lot more length more naps just I say that this connection was from the next section after this is the fringe what straight up this is treating a really nice blend in stats opment as well I'm working inside this connection through the fringe but the weight sitting on top of the blend is your weight on before and I saw sin and a disconnection through the fringe you don't have a disconnection Bucky enough you have a disconnection to your fringe that's the point of what I say when you have this connection the sessions are great of your way hood them correct me I wish find that leaving that under the fringe is nice for this haircuts vaster have enough length to decide to always wear socks that will grow up really nice you know and won't go out with a heaviness wear by week three Damons and we know where to put it it's just for heavy so that really helped and we still got that longer elements through the haircut bloodless we're just taking this sort of corner house that was less to be heavy which I just don't think needs to be there well I'd be able to cut this disconnection house and blended in yeah it should be fun so we've got the heavy this condition the fringe I have hidden sitting into the bend now as well rock crowns bitumen splendid him familiar on I'm just putting cotton in what do is all way across basically now and just cut into the section above I'm just gonna match up so you know it'll feel that along a bits down the bottom it's just one on myself I'm gonna pull this straight forwards I'm not going to care this round so much so make sure it blends in that size I don't need to blend it in I want to suck you with this connected shall I bring this just cut it long as I brass so use the eyebrows of the guide modern the hairline your slides to remake this fate chunky texture let's make its a regular bra so you've got a little bit sticking up a little bit sitting flat and this will really help the kind of messiness to this vehicles slide through so again but a little bit of lift in this as well so it doesn't sit too flat especially the weather and that's your part and tends to be I think when you use Nathan like that's very very straight so if you weren't wearing it quite flat chunky texture is the best thing to do it really really breaks it up hopefully sort of break out that sense of part because you're going on there and to stop and straight down and we'll wake it right in just before the fringe but wake it right into the fringe as well so really break that finger too so shutter a fringe who's doing different angles just create a lot more movement to it as well so again I'm gonna think about that sends a pass why try and keep that sense pop out of it as long as it can just slide in a nice chunky texture but you can't go quite aggressively texturizing with this as well because there's so thick and so straight it will really really showing off more just finish a little bit of scissor over comb so make sure everything's perfect so I use a little bit of salt spray to dry it off with and then we'll style it with the Regal genomically [Music] the crown by or forwards right left to right left to right Rick it through that way but this is so messy so Sexton on there as well we go now I'll start up so a little better bigger joke with much playing this will make it really messy piece size our mouths we get right into your hand and right through your fingers I'm gonna do as well just take a little tiny bit more I just pop it on the back of my hand just in case I want to use this to pick little bits out but don't want to I'll just go back in to the top so I'm not wasting it but I might want to just kind of pick a little bit out to really break this text shop a bit more so through your fingers as well at the back again as always make sure you put up them there and then you want to pick it right up like this we leave the fringe pick the right off again now enter the fringe just push your fingers forward and then how we want to be message so picture Damon Shawn was just super mess there's no particular structure to it so it was just super messy up-down left-right all over the place surely just buff it up on this one I don't really need this purple about me also just put it back in the top but it's always good to add a little bit more if you need a bit more more than put unload on to start with you put so much on sometimes just waste it down lock so you can lock a bit awful so you want to make sure you don't put too much product in I think always less is more sometimes you don't want to over overly sort of a style it in that sense of loads of product although we just move around just pick up that section hello mate have a little look yeah happy go well if you want the style is a low nor point five fade into a sort of longer flatter very heavy textured air top it's quite very sort of pretty simple with a really effective haircut so anything really super straight like this Asian here a baby like mine chunky thing like the harsh sex is always the best I find basically that a lot of movement as well and then we dry it a lot with a soft spray and then finish it and listen we go check my mullet and that is the fish result but happy yet gilma thank you very much [Music]

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