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Dec 06, 2021  · The polyphenol procyanidin c1, a compound found in grape seeds, possesses senomorphic or senolytic activity and is shown to extend the healthspan and survival of old mice and in various models of ...

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This hair growth shampoo can be used daily to improve the vitality of your scalp, enhance the quality of your hair, and stimulate new hair growth. synergistic active ingredients: Through the synergy of highly effective compounds, Revita maintains scalp vitality and acts against hair loss. By combining antioxidant and anti-androgen properties ...

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Procyanidin B2. Polyphenol found in Green Apple extract known to boost hair volume and promote the appearance of fuller hair. sh-Polypeptide-3. Also known as keratin growth factor, this ingredient is shown to be effective in encouraging hair health.

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