Orlando Editorial Makeup Artist

Posted on January 29, 2021

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Orlando Editorial Makeup Artist

Editorial makeup requires the highest form of creativity and professionalism. A skilled makeup artist can tell a story while awakening various emotions and bringing to life an idea for magazines and other publications. An editorial makeup team should be able to achieve flawless and perfect skin with professional contouring. This accentuates the bone structure to bring out dimensions such as defined cheekbones in the most attractive way. 

If you’re looking for an Orlando editorial makeup artist" href="https://aboutfacedesignteam.com/print-editorial-makeup-hair/">Orlando editorial makeup artist, at About Face, we have the best artists who have worked with numerous publications and marketing firms to create the best images for corporate branding. 

Qualities to Look for In an Editorial Makeup Artist

When a professional editorial makeup artist delivers perfectly, it makes the editing process easier. Issues such as photoshop, removing blemishes, or adding dimensions are reduced. Here are qualities to consider when searching for the right editorial makeup artist.

  • Flexibility

Makeup artists deal with many people in an editorial setting. You want an artist who’s versatile. The artist should be able to work in various environments without any hassle. An editorial photoshoot also lasts hours to get the perfect photos. As such, your artist of choice needs to be able to work under pressure.

  • Experience

Looking at a makeup artist's portfolio will tell you their level of expertise. You want to hire an artist with proven skills and capabilities to make your brand and image stand out. An experienced artist should also have worked with people from various backgrounds, skin, and face types. This means that they’ll not feel out of place in a multi-racial editorial setting. Our professionals have worked with people from all backgrounds and can deliver in high-stress situations.

  • Reviews

Do a bit of background research to check whether they have complaints from past clients who were dissatisfied with their services. It’s not unusual to have a few complaints due to misunderstandings. However, if the negative reviews are many, it's best to look for another artist to avoid disappointment.

  • Patience

An editorial photoshoot is not a one-second affair. You want a top Orlando editorial makeup artist who can persevere through all the difficult moments. A patient artist will be able to deal with all kinds of personalities. 

  • Creativity

Along with staying updated on all the latest and trendiest looks, a makeup artist in an editorial shoot needs to be creative. That way, they’re able to use various techniques to produce delicate and innovative looks. In addition, they need to capture the desired mood and feeling in one simple look. Incorporating creative ideas to complement a chosen fashion and hairstyle should also come naturally to them. The ability to tell a story through makeup should not be ignored when looking for the right editorial makeup artist.

Passionate, Talented Editorial Makeup Artists

Whatever type of editorial you publish, be it hair, fashion, or beauty, you want captivating makeup to match each idea. Investing in a professional makeup artist is a high priority for your brand. For a flawless, creative camera perfect look, contact us today on (407) 647-2700.

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Orlando Editorial Makeup Artist

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