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If you love the look of beachy waves but not the hassle of going to the beach, have I got a tutorial for you! I rock my beach waves almost all year round, and it’s crazy how much time it saves me. I’ll show you how, step by step, so you can get perfect flat-ironed waves at home.

Video Transcript

hello everyone and welcome back to my channel today we are going to be doing another hair video had done this in a while you know what I mean I wanted to like be in the bathroom with you guys again in my first couple of videos were us chilling in the bathroom talking skincare and beauty and stuff like that I just just like it you know it feels like home anyway so I take you guys through actually how I achieve this hairstyle that I have right now so I call this sort of like an undone beachy easy weight and that's actually kind of created the texture all using a flat iron so I'm gonna show you guys how I achieve this look and it's pretty easy so let's get started hi I just discovered this new technique I went to work one day and I told my friends Ken and Brent and I was like you guys I found this new way to make my hair really pretty and really wavy and really curly and I just want to show you like enlighten you with this technique and they were like did we so if you already know this great this is my actual national texture when I wake up in the morning and it's crazy it's really thick and it's really wavy so basically what I'm going to do first is I'm going to straighten all of my hair first because my hair is so big and I really need to like make it a little bit flatter so I start by doing that I am going to use this GHD Platinum Plus hair straightener I don't really quick straighten not anything super fancy I don't like piece it apart I also don't know how to blow-dry my hair so this is what I kind of do to smooth it out I am actually headed to LA today I am getting out of flight a few hours and you might be thinking Emily why are you doing your hair for flight that's a great question I have made the rookie mistake of getting onto an airplane looking totally disheveled and that as always when I run into someone when I first started traveling I would literally be in like sweatpants and a sweatshirt and like other boots it would be like yeah I'm ready to party like let's chill out on this airplane and I brush my hair because I need it so like I was saying I have made that rookie mistake of not putting effort into my appearance of fur fly and I get it you want to be comfortable and stuff like that by judging my luck I end up sitting next to someone that I work with I'm going to work with or I have work with or whatever and especially the New York 12 Avery everyone just looks so put together on that freaking flight because they're probably actors and actresses and I don't know who they are because I only watch reality TV so and I will not look like a disheveled mess okay so merely demonstrating it's just a rough straighten I'm not being too precious about it having hair straightener which is what I'm going to be using and then I also have these little clips that I kind of use to help put my hair away I don't really do it in any sort of systematic way I just a lot of times actually just like use a scrunchie to piece my hair away because it doesn't create like kinks in your hair and stuff like that I'm gonna start with the front piece here and just take a chunk like this and I'm going to use the scrunchie actually and the rest of my hair away so then I'm going to start so I basically just take the piece of hair and I flip my hair straightener and just basically continue to pull it away from my face LSO and it makes this kind of amazing perfect curl like look at that curl alternate between bigger and smaller pieces so that it looks just sort of that's not too too big of chunks but basically yeah that's what the hair straightener which i think is actually insane if you guys knew about this technique like dad continued on so I hope that I'm explaining this right that I'm basically and I don't know how I can do it from like another angle for you but here I have Clint my hair clamped like this I lift the hair straightener and then I'm basically just pulling it I have a decent amount of tension on it and I'm pulling it away from my face and I'm just slowly gliding it down my hair which is amazing so it looks very kinky curly right now but I'm gonna fix that later I just leave it for now so I basically just go through my entire head doing this I do the same I'm doing kind of a bigger piece here also I did prep my hair with anything I just had it was just my natural texture as I woke up but I will probably put a little bit of something in it afterwards too to undo it a tiny bit there's hard work I'm gonna piece chunk like that and take this bit I think he's sort of keeping tension in the nernst like actually clamping the hair relatively tight and moving your hair slowly through is the key and you don't want to stay on one area for too long obviously the back of my head I tend to take bigger pieces just because I care more about the friend that I do about the back once in a while I run my fingers through it but I am gonna take time to loosen it up at the end but also in total I've only been doing my hair now for 15 minutes and any girls who have thick hair out there I remember when I was younger straightening my hair it would take me like an hour and a half whereas I feel like this tool whether it be really hot or it's just good it works really well but in total I think this usually takes me about 30 minutes and then I will leave my hair like this with this style for as long as I can so like I said in they're one of my hair videos where I was talking about how I take care of my hair I will try to preserve this style for 3 4 5 days even you know even 5 days if I can and they try not to wash my hair too much and I don't want to apply this much heat onto my hair every day so I will try to keep this for a few days and not wash my hair and I'll use dry shampoo to sort of preserve it another reason why I kind of don't put that much product into my hair to prep it or anything like that because sometimes I think product actually waves my hair down and makes it flatter so I try to go light on the product when I'm trying to keep some sort of wave or curl here's what one side looks like right now it's definitely like a very wavy texture kind of a curly glammy texture and now I'm moving on to the other side and almost done so I'm actually headed to LA like we said when I'm going to Malibu which I've never really been I mean I've been to LA and I've been to Malibu but I've never really gotten to spend time there and once again I won't really be spending time there because I'm gonna be there and then I'm going to be taking a red-eye back tomorrow night but I'm excited to get out of New York for a second it's very cold here and I actually just got over the stomach flu like I'm gonna say just got over it I mean I got over it like yesterday so trips against flights because I don't want my stomach to act up but I do feel energy wise really good it was really insane I had said on Monday and today was Thursday today no cheese Friday and I didn't leave the house from Monday to Friday I stayed in my apartment and I wasn't eating anything or drinking anything that's all I needed to go out for food because my stomach was a mess and I couldn't believe it today I went and actually it works out and I was just so alarmed by the outside world it had been way too long since I had gone outside but now I'm back I'm super happy and grateful that I come back to life and shooting this tutorial for you also while we're talking I'd love to do more of what kind of content you guys want to see I said that a few times and asked you guys before but it's really helpful to get an understanding for what you guys like watching and seeing from me so while we're here and we're chatting can you write that below for me and let me know what you want to see next I'll tell you what I was thinking of shooting next to you guys and you can just let me know in the comment section if it's something that you want to know so I've got a lot of like health and wellness and sort of like lifestyle questions from you guys and I love health and wellness and I love fitness and you guys have asked for fitness stuff and I think that's really cool because I really like that stuff too so what I was going to do actually is do a little mini fitness sort of wellness series and take you guys through kind of what I do when I'm prepping for a big shoot I say that meaning like when I'm prepping for a bikini job Sports Illustrated anything we're pretty much like any sort of bikini job because I definitely have like a pretty strict regime and set of things that I do when I'm getting ready for a big shoot so I was basically gonna split it up and do you know my workouts of the week what I do waiting up to so like probably four for workout videos and then also take you through my meal prep and I think that would be I really like to share that with you guys and I want to know if you would be interested in it so right below do you want to see meal prep workout plan pre bikini photo shoot like bikini photo shoot preparation how do you be cool I hope that you guys would be interested in it I'm probably gonna film it next week so stay tuned and if you haven't subscribed yet do that right now so you don't friggin miss it almost done I kind of like to hold it on both sides and really squeeze the hair in between the place I feel like the tension helps like I said so this is kind of what it looks like after all of that and these are really nice waves and I really like them but I think if I probably left them it would loosen up on its own but I like to break it up a little bit so it looks a little bit more undone so I'm just gonna run my fingers through it like this just kind of hoping to make it look a little like that I don't like when my hair looks too perfect but this does like almost make it look literally perfect to me and then what I like to do next so kind of like to go in towards my part here and flatten some of these pieces and smooth them out and I also like to smooth these front bits as well what I'll do really quickly see like that side verse that side I also kind of go in towards the frame of my face a tiny bit but I do like when it's flatter but I'm basically just taking the hair straightener about half way down half way down not even half way done and just flattening out these bits here and again I'm going in towards my face and grabbing these bits a little bit so none of those look frizzy or anything like that next thing I'm going to do is I basically am going to let me take the hair straightener through big chunks of my hair just break these up a tiny bit I just don't want them to look so bouncy curly just to make them look a little bit cooler and then I like to kind of tug at the ends a little bit to give a little bit of a straighter end and I just think that makes it look a little bit cooler and my cooler I mean like not so done which is the look that I like so I'm just taking kind of big chunks and I'm not clamping the hair straightener too hard or anything like that it's a very light clamp and just going through okay and that's what it looks like I think it looks really really nice and done but not too done like I said I think those last few steps are really important to just kind of like tug at the ends and run the hair straightener through and then the only product that I'm actually going to use is this sparkling soda from dry bar and I like this it's actually a shine mist but to me I think it helps to break up the pieces a little bit and it kind of leaves Charlie but I feel like it just breaks up and makes it look makes my hair just look a tiny bit piece here and almost like when I put it in towards the ends and almost under mmm I feel like it almost helps it look a day or two older than it is and that's it this is the final look you guys what do you think I feel like it looks nice because it's what I've been doing to my hair and I filmed a couple of videos with my hair like this so anyway thank you guys for watching don't forget to subscribe if you have not subscribed yet thanks for being here and I will see you guys in my next video

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