After years of struggling with my curly hair, and having tried almost every different styling routine,I have finally found one that keeps my hair looking good for most of the day. It's a routine that’s easy to follow and will help keep frizz at bay. I’m in love with my curls again and completely ride or die with this new routine! I hope this helps someone else who is struggling with their curls too!

Video Transcript

[Music] everyone welcome back to my channel so today I'm doing the long-awaited curly hair routine I have not done a curly a routine at all since I've dyed my hair and I don't know why I just well I know why I didn't do one because honestly it took me forever to find the products that worked those with my hair because the same products that I was using with my natural black hair wasn't working the same with my dyed hair so I had to like experiment and like there's all bunch of different products to see what we're not saying this will only work on dyed hair like that's not it at all but it's just what works on my hair I don't know if it had to do with me dyeing my hair or sometimes just products stopped working on my hair honestly I think we all go through it you just using a product for so long it just stops working you're just like what do I do now mm-hmm so I don't know if that was the case or if it was a mixture of both I don't know but I found the perfect combination for this hair so if you would like to see them updated curly hair routine then keep on watching and let's get what it do baby okay so I'm starting off per usual freshly washed hair I just already combat out and the shower I'll have conditioner in it just what I've been doing lately because it's so much easier to have a big comb in my shower oh I just leave it in there pull my hair up so when I get out it's already cooling down I gotta worry about it so I'm start with a comb wipe tooth of course and I'm just gonna comb it all straight back okay so now that my hair is all combed out be ready so this is what my hair looks like wet it just has a little bit of conditioner in it yeah I've always had hair that's a way less curly when it's wet and that's already dries it's just boom gets bigger okay so product number of phenols is cream of nature pure honey moisture lip I use this first in my hair love it I love the way this smells like it's like unfit in the lab next I'm going to use this ors olive oil this is hair dress i always need a thicker product in the back of my head and this is a great one for that it's very thick and heavy I would not put this throughout all of my ear at all I usually just put it back here and then on my end so they stay nice and moisturized so if I watch any of my other hair videos you know that I love Miss Jessie's soft little curl but I use it sometimes and sometimes they don't need it just like the mixture that I have right now is great I can add it to it it doesn't like make it any better but if I need it I'll use it you know like nuts with no reason so I can leave it out I'll leave it out but I do love it cannot lie okay so next up I like this isn't the Mill Road pearl maker this just leaves my hair so like silky and smooth like after I put product in it put this on top and I just love the way it feels I just get some of this so just get quite a few pumps and then just put this well I don't know it just makes my hair so soft and after like I've been a bunch of hacks in my hair feels a little bit like product eat this okay after I have all those pads in my hair like just putting my hair in half and then get my addendum brush this is the Denman heavy duty brush like the regular Denman brush does not work on my hair so I didn't know this a lot of people like the Denman brush does not work a half me the heavy-duty one if you have a thick hair tip so I get my brush [Music] [Music] [Music] and then I just like to scrunch up my hair to make sure that clump up curls a little bit more and then two last products I like to do two different gels so I use Aussie America curls this is their cream pudding but I feel like it's very good Tubber on top of all your product has more like a gel texture now just please please and sprint kind of feel you don't want to run your fingers so now you just do this I don't put that much of this kind of like hardened it's like quite hard so I'd do a little bit of that and then okay so after that I like to put one more product in my hair but before I put that product in my hair like to get a microfiber towel so I do this first so after I put all those products in I get this microfiber towel and then I flip my hair upside down and scrunch it a little bit to get something like that access moisture out and then I put a gel on top so I just like to scrunch after that is done I get Archangel gel so good and get some of that and then another hat and scrunch kind of situations [Music] boom alright so there we go that's all the products that I put in my hair and that is the order and that is how I put them in so now let my hair air dry throw a little bit I didn't air dry enough to where it keeps its shape so maybe like 30 minutes to an hour I don't know just to like the gel hardens pretty much and then I can go to diffuse it but I cannot start directly from after putting the products on have let them settle and harden just a little bit before I put the diffuser to it or a little poop out a little bit so now I'm gonna go ahead and chill and I will be back and about I'll tell you how long like three minutes to an hour to start diffusing and then yeah I'll see you in a little bit okay okay so I'm back my hair has air dried for about like 30 40 minutes now I'm gonna start blow drying a little bit and I use my Dyson with the diffuser this is my favorite things why my hair with they are expensive it is so worth that I tell everybody that I tell everybody that like I get paid for everything but I don't mm-hmm so I'm going to go ahead and do it on the lowest heat and their number two on the level there's three levels of air flow i'ma do that with two by the way I don't scrunch my hair when I'm blow-drying I just go like this yeah just by lady it doesn't make your hair shorter whenever I do this I feel like my hair for short [Music] [Music] okay there we go my hair is pretty much dry now a little bit so damp but so those heart I will leave it like this Oh key add okey so next I like to do is pick out my hair first I have this giant pick furthest giant hair well it's not that Jack right now actually yeah so I'm gonna go ahead and go upside down pick it up yep get some volume up in here there we go you see that picking just does wonders in hair I don't part my hair so it just does whatever it once goes whatever wait once so yeah there we go naturally the demand just hmm I wanted to pick out my hair before I do my edges of course because we don't want to pick up so I'm going to use my edge booster and then getting a little edge brush dip it in there I'm just gonna do some things you can do my extra extra not today there we go she is design this is my pretty much washing go I guess kind of might just curly hair routine it's just so soft I just love it and the curls just look so good and juicy and they even look good on the inside like that's the crazy part because inside of my hair is where my hair be like whoa whoa look I'll even show you the inside because this is all my tight curls are as you can tell like I have really tight clothes back here can you see that you feel like the difference between this and this my hair's not damaged or anything it's just my hair has been always been this little hair is this short small that girl is but it's really like super long and it has like my hair but I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope this krillium routine helps some of you and if it does please let me know if you try any of these products and all that I would love to thank again for watching and don't forget to subscribe if you aren't already and I'll see you guys in my next video bye

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