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How to style hair with gel – are you looking for a new way to style your hair for a special occasion? If you’re going to be spending any time outdoors before or after your event, consider using some product like gel to help keep the style in tact.

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I've said it before and I will say it again I am NOT a fan of hair gel honestly I I it's just not something I want to use but you say why are you doing this video I'm doing this video because I want to show you that actually you can do quite a lot with it although it's not my go-to product I know a lot of you will have a hair gel you've been experimenting with hair gels so I'm going to show you how to do a fool hair style routine with just gel now if you're new fish running Who I am then hi I'm Robin this world here on YouTube is man for himself if you like hair style how to's hair product reviews grooming skincare fragrance here cut tutorials then this channel is for you press subscribe right now okay we are really lucky to have lots of different varieties of gel from the cheapest sort of 20 P couple of cents dollars wherever you are up into stuff which is far more expensive a far more premium a gel really is sort of categorize and characterized as being a water-based product a water-based product that will go in and dry hard really it's a product that can fix your hair as well as styling it now one of the reasons that I've not always liked hair gels is because when they dry hard they can go flaky you've got absolutely no movement to the hair but some of the products here that I've got won't give it that flakiness so let's tile wave I'm gonna go sort of let go mid-range I'm gonna go for American Crew and this one I think I believe it will be linked down below it's running about this six dollar mark it's about ten pounds it's not hugely expensive but it's a good product so we're gonna get onto the hand you can see there already it is very jelly like as with all the sort of hairstyles and hair products that I use we're gonna lay it so you can either put this into sort of damp here or towel dried hair like I've got I'm going to smooth it in back in the day when I was like 14 and I was experimenting with hair products that's kind of Saturday I had I would M put gel in my hair and kind of make it into these pineapple sort of spikes and it would dry hard I thought it looked amazing it didn't but now I know there's other ways of doing this like in the way that I'm gonna use this as a pre stylist so we're gonna saturate the hair and then I'm gonna grab a hairdryer and I'm gonna go for a low heat here we go for a low heat not a medium heat not high heat because I don't want to dry it out Gel will dry high so we're gonna move quite quickly and when we're doing this I'm gonna use my hand first of all and I'm gonna work it across I'm not gonna go for a huge volume but I'm gonna go for something a little bit more neat a little bit more regimented and probably something a bit more formal so temperature right down and fast speed I'm going to start to work through [Applause] okay we are starting to drive that's why I need to move quickly one thing you'll notice about gel is for you a guy with thinning here already fine here stay away from gel gel will make you kind of see into the scalp so I'm gonna try and it'll cover this up slightly with a styling but it's at this point that I'm gonna grab a comb or you can use a brush whatever you've got your hand and I'm gonna start to work it across so really from the right parting on the recess which is right here straight across okay so the hairdryers allowed me to build in the volume but it's also helped to start to direct the hair so my hair is dry you can see there is no flakiness there's no crispiness and that's because this is a good quality gel if you're using any was super cheap stuff where the huge tubs you will start to fill that flaking so keep that in mind okay next we're gonna grab more of the products price price a little bit more into the hands about a pea-sized very large P letter P into the hands and I'm gonna smooth through and work down on that part a very messy part and someone that struggles with their parting but you can't have it all and actually this is when I say I really really like a messy parting I do think it keeps it casual and then with this other hand just sweeping through now that we've got the real sort of foundation of the hairstyle in I'm gonna take a bit more all about it the layering being careful on that part and again gel does dry hide so you need to know what you're doing clear and move at a good speed okay right now that that is in place this is when you could leave it and you might want to use a little bit more gel onto the hands and just smooth away any sort of flyaways or you could start to have a little bit more fun there's my type of fun again and it's when you might want to add a little bit more texture so you could literally just take index finger thumb and go a bit PC with so pull it away from the front like this and you actually could go for something a little bit more of that sort of 20s vibe where you could pull it forward which I quite like and you might even do something like this sort of gentle curl or you could go again huge could be here for hours but I am just really finishing this up I like this curl I like this wave we've got the great volume from the hairdryer and then just using the gel just to add a little bit more drama and I say drama stick over here guys bit more drama into the hair drama that's it gonna have to wash out the drama later okay move I don't know what's in this job so very 90s we've gone a bit Leo in M Romeo and Juliet which is not necessary a bad thing they need wash your hands it's a bit sticky but that is it so although I'm not a gel fan I've shown you you can do a fool hairstyle out of it just one product that here is not going to move it doesn't need hairspray we used it for pre styling styling and fixing right there thanks very much for watching as I say everything is linked down below in description also come across to man from safecom if you like products you want to explore the world of hair products we've got loads on their hip products and putty pastes waxes we've also got fragrances and skincare so check them out but thank you again make sure you press subscribe also that notification Bell button should be on and if you want to keep in the loop then a man from self newsletter is where it's at it will be linked down there also up there but I'll see you in my next new video bye bye [Music] you

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