LCN foot care

Posted on January 6, 2023

LCN foot care

Your nails are an important extension of your body. Make sure they look good and that you only use the highest quality products. LCN foot care products for your toenails and feet are the only way to go. The Centre for Beauty is the place to purchase these high-quality products.

What does LCN foot care even mean?

LCN stands for light concept nails. The product is of German origins and made in a laboratory. The company that produces LCN also produces a resin used in dental fillings. They created LCN by changing a few molecules in the dental adhesive. They discovered those changes created a substance that matched molecules in the human fingernail. LCN works by encasing the nail in the gel substance. The gel works to strengthens your natural nail.

LCN care is a bit broader. The origin of LCN referred exclusively to nails. LCN continues to be a powerful product for nails, including toenails. For individuals with weak toenails or issues with those nails, this product bond to the surface to help them grow healthy and strong. LCN care branches out beyond nails. Some products work to promote health in the entire foot and leg area.

Issues affecting foot health

We use our feet for everything. This part of our body works extremely hard, but not taken care of very well. When we do not adequately care for our feet, issues arise. Be on the lookout for these common issues.

  • Athletes foot - this is a common foot condition caused by a fungus. It attacks the skin between your toes and your toenails. It turns your toenails yellow and causes them to thicken. It causes the sensitive skin between your toes to flake and peel.
  • Corns - these happen when shoes rub continuously on the same part of the foot. Corns are common on pinky toes and joints on the top of toes. You can remove these either by visiting a podiatrist or applying over the counter salicylic acid remedies.
  • Bunions - these occur on the joint of the big toe and cause that joint to appear crooked. They are unsightly, but not always painful. Surgery is the only way to correct them.
  • Calluses - are found on the heels or pads of the feet. As shoes or other objects apply pressure to the foot, the skin thickens at the site forming a callus.

LCN foot care products aid in treating these conditions. Our products help you keep your foot and nails feeling their best.

How do you keep your feet healthy?

The key to healthy feet is proper fitting shoes. Shoes that are ill-fitting rub and cause many of the problems listed above. Cleaning your feet daily with anti-bacterial soap wards off athletes foot along with changing your socks often and not wearing the same shoes two days in a row.

Contact the Centre for Beauty today so you can learn more about what our LCN foot care can do for you.

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LCN foot care

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