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How To Repair Dry Damaged Hair

WITH hair trends changing, it’s no wonder our hair maybe a bit lacklustre – but one important thing we must stay on top of is the way we wash our hair.  By all means, embrace ...

Laser Genesis Hair Removal

adding that harsh sulfates can weaken and harm the hair, leading to excess damage. ON A CLOUD baobab oil repair Shampoo You know how showering too often can dry out your skin in the wintertime?

Keratin Hair Smoothing

These myth-busting insights will help you get to the root of damaged hair and how to repair it ... s not a complete substitute for sudsing up. “Dry shampoo is not something you should do ...

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From frizzy split ends to a fringe that won’t behave, bad hair days are a bit of a downer. But more serious issues with our ...

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