How To Re-Create JLo's Super Bowl Hair | Chris Appleton Tutorial

Missed the big game? Watching it on TiVo, but you're stalking JLo's hair-tacular expose? Here's how you can re-create that look.

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the morning of the super bowl you woke up what was going through your head what do you mean woke up i didn't sleep i didn't think i slept for like days before that there really was something about the super bowl that felt so electric it's like a moment in history and you really felt like you were living every second of it hey guys it's chris appleton and welcome to my channel so today i'm gonna be showing you guys how to create jlo's super bowl hair i honestly had no idea how big the super bowl was you know i'm just a guy from england we all flew in we went straight to the stadium from the airport and i remember just kind of going on the field and i saw jan i just walked myself through the crowd and i went up and gave her a big hug and then i saw the performance and i was like how am i gonna make your hair look like worthy of that performance so there's all these just little moments where i was like calculated in my head i was like well how is he going to go from upside down to background and then back to camera and have a close-up shot and she looks great it's not like sticking off or her hair is not crazy you know the thing i always remember about these performances is the glam like what they look like like the hair is always major the makeup is always on point the outfits are always precise this needs to be the best like version of jlo so we had a pre-recorded version of the show in case the weather was too bad in miami on that day that would be shown that show happened and we did that pre-record the hair did not go as planned there was no explosion there was just a curl i don't know what happened but it just kept going back into curls like ringlets so she's like looking at me and i'm looking at her and i'm like don't worry it's gonna it's gonna as soon as we get outside it's gonna drop so i'm like brushing it like brushing the hair all the way to the freeway she goes up and does a performance and i'm watching on the monitor and i'm like wow that's really really bouncy it's really curly so i said a few prayers that the weather would be beautiful and there would be no need for the pre-recorded version so we woke up that morning sun was out i was like oh great i did take from it though i took the bounce and i incorporated that into something that was just more glamorous more relaxed and i changed the part to a middle part just because i felt it was more flattering i finished doing jen's hair at two o'clock in the afternoon and she didn't perform till seven o'clock so it was like sat for five hours and it kind of horrified me the way i prepped it and how i'm gonna show you in this tutorial it actually just stayed in place i was frantically brushing it out in that video that went viral simply because of the first experience where the curls were so curly i was like this is not going to happen again [Applause] it was like we were walking out to battle it was weird and everyone starts running out onto the field she was going up the stairs and i was like okay this is it now it's out like it's going to be what it's going to be [Music] all right so now you guys know a bit of the behind the scenes of how everything led up to the super bowl so i think now we should get down to doing some hair and i'll show you how i created jlo super bowl hair all right guys so to start this look off you need to use the color while dreamcoats my go-to transforms the texture of hair it has a water-resistant technology so great in miami because the head didn't move it's as light as water it's not greasy at all so you make sure there's loads on the hair it has to be on wet hair and just literally saturate from root to tip you know what you need this in your life you should take this that can be your one all right now we're gonna blow dry that in and get the hair nice and smooth a really good tip actually for when blow drying is make sure you keep the nozzle of the hair dry down and blow the cuticle flat so all the cuticle of the hair closes and is nice and smooth when you do this you blow dry the hair up and it makes it rough and we want that really nice shiny silky base for the curls to go on you don't have to use extensions to do this look but if you really want to have that bombshell look at a few pieces even if it's just in the sides i like to use these skin weft extensions they're super flat they sit really close to the head and they hook it really nicely rather than just going straight i always put them on a diagonal therefore the hair then falls around the face but it doesn't fall into the face and close the cheekbone and then what i like to do to really lock it in is use some hairspray i'm going to use a coloral core favorite hairspray and if you really want dance-proof hair and you don't want this to go anywhere what i do is i'll go in and just clamp that root area that almost creates like a bed of hair for it to sit in and once it's grabbed that it's not going to go anywhere extension goes in remember on the diagonal so i'm going to use a shorter one on the top and then what i like to do sometimes once that's in it's just to use the color well so this is the root touch up comes in every color so if i want to darken this root area down now it will blend it in and basically take away that discoloration from your hair and the extension and then just take the top section down it's not always about length when you use extensions a lot of the time it's kind of just more for a layer already without any styling it looks good and i know it's going to give my whole look a little bit more scaffolding if you like a bit more hold the secret to this look on why the hair stayed so well is called a double curl so what we do is we curl the hair with one curling iron first which is smaller and then i go in with a bigger one over the top once it's cooled what that does is the smaller curl really locks in a good form and kind of a tight pattern and then the looser curl just literally kind of gives it a kiss and loosens the hair up after if i left it just with the smaller curl it'd just be way too curly and it really wouldn't have that sexy bombshell finish so make sure you curl the hair directly away from the face i usually hold it like 10 to 15 seconds or until the hair feels hot to touch so if you've got really strong hair and you've got a good sort of texture and your curls tend to stay you won't want to clip it but i always like to just use a silver clip one of these little guys and just clip it in just so the hair cools so now the hair's set i'm going to take that out and effectively what you're doing with the second iron is you're just kissing it now it's not going to be as difficult because the hair's already got a curl pattern in there so the hair is going to kind of wrap around the curling iron much easier than it was in the first place that's effectively what's going to give you that bombshell look so that looser kind of sexier cowl this is a little bit more old-school technique but honestly anyone that really struggles with this my go-to recommendation would be to use heated rollers they're great at giving you the volume though without having to do too much of this so this is the curl with the tighter curling irons we'll go back in and i'll show you what curl you'll get once you've gone over the top with the larger curling iron and then this guys is the look you get with the looser curling iron so it's kind of more bombshell it's more sexy it's looser but it's still got that bite and that intention that you need so when we brush it out later it's going to stay in place so now what i'm going to do is i'm just going to repeat that whole pattern throughout the whole head of head and just kind of this is the longest part of the hairstyle is just getting your curls in so now everything's clipped into place i've left it to cool for around 15 minutes so when you take your sections out you should have something that looks like this so just take the curls out let them drop and don't brush it until the end i feel like so many girls are afraid to brush their curls out but you know what the hair just looks so much sexier and more lived in and when you use the technique that we've just used the cows will fall back into place but they're just more like volumised and sexy rather than these kind of like ringletty curls so now what we're gonna do is brush it out i'm gonna use my tangle teezer brush i love that because it glides through the hair effortlessly and then i'm gonna use the color wow extra spray which is gonna give you that really intense shine spray it onto the brush and then we're gonna start brushing the curls out i would just grab a section and you want to just brush it out from the end of the hair going up oh my god you can already start to see the explosion are you starting to feel the uh super bowl magic happen in your head [Music] guys this is it the final look jlo is a super bowl hair now you don't have to make it as big and as major but i feel like go big or go home the important parts are to keep it really shiny the double curl is the secret to the success of the big sexy look and to make sure you brush it out and i think after that just live your life it really has memory and hold which i think makes the whole look super iconic um you look hot hope you're gonna go and do something now definitely not the super bowl i guess don't be shady make sure you like and subscribe this video and write in the comments what you want to see more of so we can keep giving you the content that you guys want to see all right she's going to give us a head flip you ready take us away get it tried and tested

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