How to Get Glass Hair with Chris Appleton

A hair stylist from Chris Appleton Hair in the UK demonstrates how to best blow dry a person’s 3B hair. The process of blowdrying uses heat for styling the hair, adding volume and achieving a smooth or sleek look. Using the hair salon’s round styling brush, the stylist goes over the client’s wet hair quickly to apply some of her homemade products that she makes right on-site in her salon. The video shows the process and time frame for blow drying this kind of hair due to its length and thickness. Once dry, hot rollers are used to give volume and curl to smaller sections of the hair.

Video Transcript

hey guys my name is Chris Appleton and I'm gonna show you one of my favorite looks the glass hair trend I'm gonna break it down to you exactly what products I use what technique you use and how you get that rich expensive shiny looking pair okay guys the fundamental part of this look and the most important step is this first one I want to show you now it's about prepping the hair with the right products we're gonna be using the color well dream coat now you guys know this is my favorite product it's an amazing product that transforms the texture of her hair keeps out humidity and really does give you that mirror like radiance that you know everyone wants from the glass hair trim so we're making sure every strand of hair is saturated in the dream coat the reason being is because the technology works making sure it coats every strand of hair so you really can't use too much it's not at all heavy or greasy it won't weigh the hair down it's pretty much as light as water so you really can saturate the hair and I tend to find the more you put on the better okay guys so this look really isn't reliant on the straightening irons and I think that's where a lot of people go wrong it really is about getting the hair saturated in the product and really drying it into there because the hair should move it should be glossy having glass hair has a very different finish to straighten ironed hair straightening iron hair can look a little bit stiff and rigid and sometimes dry this look glass hair is about free-flowing shiny intensely glossy hair and that's all about using the right products and the right tools to dry the hair in so but then it really smooth the cuticle I'm going to use the color while paddle brush to really smooth down the cuticle it has a great grip on the hair and it really complements the dream coat in terms of smoothing the cuticle down okay guys so you can see now just in that first section that we blow-dried this is exactly kind of what the hair should be doing you should see that real mirror like shine so my top tip for anyone that has a lot of volume or they tend to get a lot of flyaways and a lot of frizz is to always hold the nozzle down and blow-dry the cuticle flat so we're not gonna blow dry the hair in this direction because that's gonna frizz the hair up which I'll show you now you see you're gonna get all these flyaways we're going to the opposite way and I'm gonna use the brush to create tension in the hair and blow that surface was that starting to do is close the cuticle down and that's what's gonna help create the shine okay guys so we've blown the hair out and as you can see you've got this really beautiful healthy glassy looking glass like hair so it is literally all about blow-drying the products in the hair so you get that super intense glossy shine which you can see here the part for me which makes glass hair really cool and makes it look like that iconic glass hair is by adding the length of the front most girls kind of have these layers at the front although I have shorter sections where the hair is you know kind of naturally a little bit shorter so what I always like to do is just use a couple of hair extensions so I'm gonna use these hair extensions from glam seamless their skin Webster basics super flat to the scalp and I'm going to literally clip in a couple of pieces just at the front just to fill this section out you see how that instantly transforms it into something that looks kind of fuller so I go right underneath and I always tend to take my section on a diagonal so if you just put you head down for me you can see it's on a slight bag and I'll just so the hair falls forward and it doesn't just fall down I'm gonna lock it in with the color well cool favorite hairspray that literally just locks in the clip is so they're not gonna go anywhere then I'll clip this in here yeah it's kind of as simple as that and then brush that through and I actually really like the way the color just comes through there because he gives it that kind of really nice soft finish and literally just put in one extension pin just kind of fills that front section out and gives it a little bit more for fun kind of vibe another tip I like to do is just use the color our core favorite hairspray on a brush so we're using our color well brush spray in the hairspray onto the bristles what I like to do is just brush it off row and blend it all in so those extensions blend this also helps to control any flyaways and keeps the hair super neat and together okay guys so as you can see just adding those couple of extensions at the front really makes a big difference to the end look so if you do have layers around the front you just need a couple of clippings don't make it complicated and if you do want to live a more blend I always like to take the root cover up and just blend in the scalp you see me use that a lot just basically to make the expense got one natural but this color blends in perfectly we've got that great shine and you can see all the work really just came from the product so make sure you saturate the hair below it in and bring back that sexy healthy hair you

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