Curling your hair with a straightener is an easy way to achieve loose waves and it creates a natural looking feminine hairstyle. This hair tutorial shows step-by-step on how to curl your hair with a straightener.

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[Music] hi guys welcome back to my channel today I'm gonna be showing you how to get these big voluminous textured curls and I'm going to show you exactly how I get them using a few products and my straighteners is a really really highly requested video I get so many messages and my Instagram asking for tutorials asking how I get more waves in my hair so I thought it's about time I film one we have now been blessed with a lot of time on our hands a lot of people are in the house so what better time to perfect the way you do your hair so when we come on up the other side of this lockdown life we can have nice hair as well so yeah I'm going to show you exactly how I get this look so if you want to find out how I get my wavy hair using straighteners on short hair then stay tuned so this is the hair that I'm starting out with I washed and blow-dried this last night just before I blow dried it as well I did it use some of this so this is the living proof five in one styling treatment I'll find them on I use something like this on my hair just tends to make it a little bit more manageable less wild and frizzy and yeah just kind of set so it's almost like priming your hair before it comes to styling yet so yeah do you recommend using this and now here we are so first thing I'm gonna do is give him/her a little brush just make sure we've got no knots no tangles so I've already found my parting in my hair so my parting is sort of just off-center my hair refuses to stay in a dead center parting it does not like it so once you push your hair through the next I'm going to I do is to section it the whole sort of secret to being able to get really big volume in your curls is to have them in layers so you almost want your curls sat on top of each other if you think about it this way if you were just curling one section of hair from the side of your head you were only gonna hire it's only going to be as big as one curl going all around your head whereas if you're curling your hair in layers you've got three or four curls sat on top of each other so that's going to create volume so that's what we want to do to section my hair I'll just use these little crocodile clips these are just cloud knowing pocket our plaits and pretty sure got these when you call Beauty while ago don't have to use Clips I personally found it a little bit easier and you can just use bubbles and have crazy ponytails going everywhere but how I use these first thing I'm going to do is section off the bottom part of my hair I do have extensions in as well so you are going to be able to see some of the tops of my type extensions as I'm doing this okay so now I found the bottom layer I'm gonna curl first I'm gonna take all of the rest of my hair just twist it and bring it forward and then hold it in place with the crocodile clips so I'm just gonna pop because this is quite a lot of hair that I'm trying to hold up I'm gonna pop a couple in so we have this beautiful little fringe so now I've got this bottom layer ready to go I'm just gonna spray a bit of why memory mist on it so this is basically you use this before you styling so basically what it does is it makes your curls last longer I use this when I straighten my hair when I curl my hair and I do feel like it makes a difference and even if it doesn't it protects your hair from heat anyway so I'll still use it so um use a bit of this first so you just want to hold it away from your hair so now I've got that on we can start actually waving our hair so what I've done is I've unplugged my straighteners just to show you the technique because I'm going to hold my hair and Australians for quite a long time while I just show you what I'm doing and then I'll do it with them switched on so don't want to be frazzling my hair off while I'm actually showing you how to do this and so the straighteners are used off from cloud 9 these are the cloud 9 touch so what you want to do by the way if you see we're looking at over here are lights because I've got a mirror just so I can see what I'm doing so what I usually do is when I've got my layer I tend to split it down the middle at the back because after the back is really hard to do particularly if you've got short hair cuz I find if you've got long hair you focusing the curls towards the end the longer pieces of hair so you can kind of reach around and do them because when you've got short hair like this it's a little bit more tricky I'm just going to take a little clip for now just to clip this little section away you really don't have to do this it just really irritates me so there we go looking absolutely fabulous okay so just to show you the technique while the straightens are not plugged in just so I don't burn Frost all my hair I'm showing you is your intake small section of hair no more than about the issue down on the sections of hair too big otherwise your curls are going to be very heavy and they're just going to drop out so but the same time you don't want too tiny because we don't want loads of tiny wispy little curls everywhere so just one small section of hair let's move this out of the way small section of hair I like to when I'm waving away from my face I like to bring the straightness over my head just so that the cord is pointing up I don't know why I just prefer to hold them that way I find that the angle of the curl is a lot better but you can just as easily do it like this so the cord is at the bottom and move the curl away from you like that and then what we're going to do is we're going to alternate which side we turn the straightness so you want some curls to be facing away and then you want some curls to be facing towards you so just to show you again pop the hair in the straightener like this turn the straightener away from your head and then slowly pull down and that's it and what you want to do is you want to make sure that you are leaving the ends of your hair out if you've got short hair the last thing you want is tight little ringlets so a way to avoid that is to leave about the last inch of hair of the curl don't worry she do get it caught up though in a curl we can go back and correct that later so now I'm going to actually plug those trainers in and start curling my hair there we go so now they're on so first section of hair I'm going to come over my head so that the cord is in the air turn towards the back of my head gently pull down leave the end out and that's it so with the next section of hair this time I'm going to curl my hair towards my face because like I said early we'll want to alternate the direction of the curls grow up the hair turn the straightness towards our face pull down nice and gently leave the end L done we've got curl so this curl is actually turning the opposite direction to the first one we did if you can see just a nice loose curl then we're going to go in with the next one and this one is going to face away we go now obviously when it comes to doing the back it can feel a bit tricky be what you're doing all I'll say is do not stress once you've got the technique down you can't really go wrong and no one really looks at the back of your head anyway so you'll be absolutely fine what sighs when it comes to curling the bottom of your hair at the back it's quite hard to keep the cord facing up so I would come in from underneath you can still turn the straighteners away from your face when you're doing the back ones but it's just easier than trying to do it with all your hands in the air so yeah so this is why it should look like when you've curled the first sort of layer of your hair obviously I'll still need to finish off this side but yeah so you're just left with a few waves all going different directions all looks a bit mad or looks a bit crazy we're going to do this again and again with each layer and we're going to come back and sort of a finesse and style it after so I'm just going to crack on and finish this side of my hand [Music] okay so that's the bottom layer done I know it looks a little bit mad at the minute but don't be tempted to brush or spray or do anything to your hair and just yet and we're gonna go through and finish the rat so yep just leave those curls to set as they are don't brush them just leave them and we're going to carry on so let's just take out these crocodile clips and then let's get the next section of our hair down for curling so I tend just to guess to make this so I'll just take my finger and just sort of running through where abouts I think will be enough for another layer so as you can see I've pulled down about this much of my hair so there's still a fair chunk left on top so we have the next section ready to go so you can obviously see where the hair is wavy underneath and then where all these straight bits are just sitting on the top of my hair so we're just going to focus on the straight bits that I've brought down okay so same again we're gonna give ourselves our funky fringe back again oh this is a bigger one this time pop the crocodile clips in let's move that out of the way so I can actually see what I'm doing pop that one in there and then we go again so the same as last time the curls that are the closest to your face always want to face away you don't want curls curling into your face they're a lot more fluttering when the curls here face away from your face they just tend to frame your face a lot nicer I cannot take myself seriously when I copy this let's just move this round here okay there we go so same again I'm gonna just split my hair in half down the back and sort of pull it round and then we go again [Music] the next layer so I know this seems like a lot of steps of lightness but trust me this will make your curls last ten times longer when I tend to curl my hair curly after blow-drying and then I will not curl it again until I wash it again so next layer so I do feel it is gonna be the last layer of hair that I do before just letting the rest of my hair down so for the last time let's just move this out of the way and then we go again it's all sort of coming together now you see all the different layers of curls just giving that volume and then we're down to the very last layer at the top of our head and then when I get just to these fruit little shorter wispy bits I'm just gonna leave those outs or save them until the very end you'll see what I'll do with those in a minute and so that's all of our hair curled so what I'm gonna do is with these two from little wispy bits so what you don't want is these to be why too curly so what I do is I bring those together like this and then all I'm going to do is bring the straightness down the front curl them back let go so now we've got all of our hair curled what you want to do is you want to run through it with a comb preferably try and get a wide tooth comb don't try and brush your hair with tangle teezer because you're gonna ruin what you've done this is actually GHD comb carbon anti-static comb I have no idea where I got this from I just have it I'm pretty sure you can get it you'll be able to get it on cult beauty beauty by those sorts of sites I'm sure but yeah wide tooth comb and then very very gently you're just going to brush through the curls you want these curls to look a little bit lived in very effortless and then once you've done that you know get your straightener has been very very gently very very quickly run over any curls and you think are a little bit wild so this side is not too bad it just calms the curls down makes them look a little bit more beachy wavy okay so here we are we're left we're so very cool looking waves I have a bit of volume so now I want to add a little bit of texture so thing I like to use the most out of it of texture is the way texturizing hairspray that's this one and you can get these again I'm pretty sure from court Beauty those kind of sites everything I'm used on hair I'll link below anyway and then what you want to do is you don't just want to spray it all on top of your head you want to grab the curls and almost do I could put a fly effect to this oh just drop them gently and as you're dropping them spray into them so I'm sure to give it a good shake so start like this drop a few sprite drop a few spray drop spray there we go you can see already the difference it adds so much volume into your hair and just go back in a little bit this is very very lightweight this sprays this won't feel sticky or it has a completely different feel to hairspray it's almost like hair spray and dry shampoo made a baby and then they had this and that's it really easy voluminous textured waves for short hair using straighteners so I really hope you like this video let me know if you got to see any more tutorials where that's hair makeup let me know thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next one bye

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