If you are not a professional stylist, then styling your hair can be an arduous task that involves hot irons, blow driers and other tools, which ultimately damages your locks. For the average woman, shes always asking herself the question: how to style hair without heat? It is evident that without these tools, your hair would be left in its natural state; frizzy etc.

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hey everyone welcome back to my channel so today I'm going to be showing you guys how I style my hair without heat using the sleep styler firstly I wanted to show you guys what my hair looks like after a full day of wear so on this particular day I didn't put any hairspray or anything in and this is what it looks like at the end of the day so to create my heatless style I'm going to need my sleep style of rollers I got the longer blue kind because they offer thick long hair and it has a long strap with a Velcro end that is going to hold the curl in place these are very soft they're made out of memory foam on the inside and the blue part is machine washable you're going to need a hairbrush I prefer a powder brush just because I do I don't know why and some sort of water bottle or something to it spray your hair with to make it nice and wet the final thing you're gonna need is something to keep the hair out of your face it's so like a couple of hair clips or a hairband but I don't use the hairband so by now we've come to the part where we want to section at the hair so I'm gonna put it into my natural parting and make sure there's no stragglers on the other side and we basically want our hair to curl as natural as possible so you want to keep the parting as natural as possible lovely now we're going to brush through the hair because remember we're not going to be brushing the hair in the morning when we wake up because if we brush the hair when we wake up then all the curls are gonna come out and drop much faster so we want to get out any knots in our hair before we do any of the curling so get them nuts up girl so now that my hair has been parted and brushed you can see that my right side is a lot thicker than my left side and that's completely fine I just need to take that into consideration when putting the curlers into my hair I'm going to start with the right side of my hair so I clip back the left side and I only use three rollers in this side as it is a lot thinner than the other side so I only use three I like to start with the front section of my hair so I will clip back the rest of it that I'm not using it this will make sure that it doesn't get tangled in the current piece that I'm trying to curl I make sure that I don't take a piece that's too big so I take a section of hair that's about one to two inches wide and I will just give it another brush through to make sure there are no knots so now it's time to wet the hair and I thought would be a good idea to pause this and let you listen to the amount of water I spray onto my hair ignore Desperate Housewives in the background you don't want to saturate the hair because then it will be wet when you wake up and you take the cow out and it will dry it frizzy so I'm taking my first roller here and you want to make sure that this blue strap is facing towards your face so it is at the front and I like to take my curls and roll them backwards because I like my curls to go away from my face here I'm showing you how I hold on to at the roller as I curl my hair around it again you want to make sure that strap is at the front because it makes it a lot easier when it comes to later on and you wrapping that strap around your hair so you want to make this curl as tight as possible and it just wasn't working so I decided to redo it and my hair got a little bit dry as I was trying to do that first curl so I just rewetting and went in with the curler again so here I am putting it back in again you want to make sure this car is really tight to get the best curl possible strap at the front so that you can't fold it over and wrap it around once you have finished curling the hairs me just demonstrating that for you so there I am wrapping it tightly it's sorry I'm really bad at this voice everything I'm wrapping it as tight as I can and you just really want to make sure that the strap is at the front again yes very we get it come on so now I'm wrapping the strap around and again you want to keep this tight not too tight but you want to keep it tight so it keeps the car in shape and that last little bit of hair there I'm just folding the velcro piece over it tucking it under and strapping it closed so that is the first roller in I like to kind of press it onto my face to mold it lovely so now I'm gonna go ahead and put the rest of the rollers in my hair I'm not going to talk through in detail every single roll if I put in I just want you guys to get the gist of it so I'm going to show you this one again so there's me brushing the hair and I actually realized that this section of hair was a bit too thick so I took it out and ivory sectioned it really want to stress that you need to make sure the hair isn't too thick that you're putting into the roller I did that before I felt like a really thick piece of hair in thinking I could just shove a load in one roller and the curl the next day just looked really bad it didn't look good at all it's in the hold very well so you really want to make sure this section of hair you put in is like a good thickness it's not too thick and you will kind of get the gist of it as you use these more and more often I've been using these rollers for about a month now and it did take me a week or so to figure out how exactly I like to put them in and what works best for my hair I've left a link for these exact rollers that I have here in the description box below I got them from Amazon by the way they were 17 pounds I haven't mentioned it yet but this video isn't sponsored or anything and this I bought the rollers with my own money I do hold onto the roller with my thumb at the back and that is just the easiest way that I've found doing it and then I'm wrapping it around again making sure that piece at the bottom is tucked in under that velcro and that's the second one in lovely [Music] moving on to the left side which requires five rollers instead of three I think this is because my hair is parted to the side rather than straight down the middle so one side is a lot thicker than the other just gonna brush it through again and then starting with the front again there's there's not really any voice to this I just like starting with the front and getting that section out of the way first it's really just trial and error and figuring out what is good uncomfortable and gives you the best results there's no real rules to doing this guys it's really just playing around with the rollers and your hair and figuring out what is best for you so with the roller that's closest to my face at the front on the left side of my hair I like to put it quite high up because it gives me kind of like a nice cowlick effect and it just gives that front section a little bit more volume and then I push it and mold it onto my face this is purely for comfort reasons I just find it's more comfortable to sleep in if I do that if I push it onto my head and mold it around my face when I lay down they're not all like sticking out and like it's uncomfortable it's just you know it just makes it a little bit more comfortable and a little bit more pleasing to the eye rather than to have curls sort like sticking out straight from your head and kind of sitting on your face nicely I've been using these rollers guys now for about a month and I have to say I really love them I haven't used heat products apart from a hair dryer on my hair for ages and I've seen some really awesome benefits and if you guys want me to do a video on that then please do let me know but yeah I mean when I first bought these rollers the first week that I used them they were giving me a really nice curl as if I just curled my hair with a curling Tong or straighteners and I've noticed that the more I'm using them the less dense the micro the microinverter the memory foam is becoming and it's becoming a lot softer sand now it's giving me more of like a vintage Hollywood wave rather than a curl which I actually prefer because I've always wanted that Hollywood Wave style hair and never known how to do it and now these rollers are giving me that so just please bear that in mind if you're buying these that they do soften and they might not give you that big curly look for the entire time that you have them if you know what I mean they might have soften up a bit and give you more of a wave lovely I am always asked if the sleep styler is easy to sleep in and yeah it does take a little bit of getting used to at first either sleep on my back or my side is easy enough to push them under your head and think of it as an extra pillow so now is the morning and I'm ready to take out my rollers so it's as simple as undoing the velcro at the bottom and pulling the roller straight down don't brush your fingers through the curls that will make it separate and it will drop a lot quicker just take them out carefully and leave your hair alone until you're ready to put product and stuff in it this is the most satisfying part of my morning it's honestly so much fun and I get so massage so today I get so much satisfaction from taking out the curls and looking at how curly my hair is it's just amazing god this is what my hair looks like straight after taking out the rollers without any product or doing any sort of teasing or brushing or anything like that taking a comb some dry shampoo this one is from superdrug and something to smooth the hair down with here I have Body Shop grapeseed oil serum I'm just going to separate my hair and start back combing the top of it to give it a little bit of volume because overnight that hair has kind of like sat flat on my head it's been weighed down so it needs a little bit of roof and a little bit of shooting at the top so I do a little bit of back combing and then I spray a tiny bit of the dry shampoo and I just kind of Pat that down into my hair and just maneuver my hair around so it's a good volume and it looks like it hasn't been flattened all night by the rollers and it just gives it more of like a natural look I don't brush the actual curls themselves I only focus on the top of the head now taking a little bit of that grapeseed oil serum I do two pumps in my hand rub it in and very lightly just go over my hair I try not to run this serum through my curls because if I do that then it will weigh it down I just kind of lightly caress the top of the curls if you know what I mean you just saw what I did I don't run my fingers through the curls because then they would all come apart and they look like a bunny if you want to jump in the shower after you've taken out your curls the best thing to do is take a couple of those clips and just separate your hair again and very lightly just place it on top of your head and clip it out of the way this is just going to keep the hair out of your face and it means it won't get wet because if it gets wet then you're gonna have to re curl it with some sort of ex strain or something and we don't want to do that do we and here is the finished product so I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and found it useful please don't forget to Like and subscribe if you did and yeah the link to the sleep stylist is down below I absolutely love them they have changed my life so I hope you guys enjoyed this and I'll see you on next [Music]

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