HOW I STYLE MY HAIR *daily routine* Alex Costa Hairstyle

There are so many ways to style my hair that I think that it will be good for me to talk about each of them, giving detail at how and why I do them, and what they look like in real life.

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what's up guys my name is Alex Kosta and you guys are always asking me Alex how do you do your hair how do you style it what is your technique what kind of products to you so today I'm giving you step by step how I style my hair every single day and everything that I do it everything that I use ok alright so first things first as you can see my hair is damp it's wet there's nothing in it it is clean it's very important that you start with a clean set of hair just because you know you don't want any product buildup in there you don't want anything like that any oils so you wash it with shampoo condition it and then when you get out of the shower my first tip to you guys is do not aggressively towel dry you have to pat dry your hair because it is very fragile when it's wet so you're gonna cause breakage if you're too aggressive with it so just do this get the excess water out to make sure that it's good there we go all right now it is say my dry as you can see this it's damp not like so it you know that's that's the goal here to have it just damp and what I'm gonna do first is I'm gonna apply some oil to my hair this is a foretaste series argan oil that is coming out in just a couple of months I think don't quote me on that it's coming out soon and what this is gonna do is it's going to hydrate my hair and you can use any argan oil while this one doesn't come out it's gonna soften my hair it's gonna make it nice and smooth and most importantly it's gonna protect my hair against any type of heat so we're gonna be using a blow-dryer today and it's really important to protect your hair from that so just apply it in there go make sure you mix it in and now my hair is nice its soft and most importantly it is protected next up we're gonna be using a blow-dryer if you do not use a blow dryer right now and you're trying to achieve my hair style I'm sorry to tell you that is gonna be it's gonna be very difficult ok so you need a blow-dryer and I'm gonna show you exactly how I do it right now I'm gonna use a round brush this one has the bores here so it's not it's not 3d so people eyes why is it so dirty it's actually extremely clean it's just how it is these like bristles here actually make it shinier it's a really good hairbrush I'll link it in the description below if you're trying to get that very similar or the same alright let's get started here what I first like to do is I brush it back just a little bit like this just to get any like clumps of hair hair or like any knots or anything like that out boom there we go as you can see it's kind of like a got like a slicked back going right now and then what you do is you put the brush on your hair and you pull it up and dry that as you're going up okay and what that does is it straightens out and smoothes your hair okay I have some some curls some some waves and to get that out I do need to kind of pull pretty hard not too hard to a point where it hurts but you want to pull the skin and you can actually see the skin being pulled up right here as I pull my hair up as well and then you dry it into place I go highest heat highest velocity or speed here on the air all the way through let's get started the secret here is to make sure that your hair dries into your desired shape so if you want to get rid of any waves or curls for example you're gonna have to pull your hair pretty hard with that brush and straighten it out if you want more volume you want to blow-dry it up to make it somewhat stand up on your head all of that while brushing it in the actual direction that you want your hair to end up in I actually like to blow-dry my sides down here too so that my hair doesn't get too puffy or sticker doesn't stick out I hate when my side stick out it looks like you're in need of a haircut so I just do this right here [Music] now for the pro tips if you want super crazy volume this is what you do whatever side you usually part your hair to blow-dry it to the opposite side for a while then you flip the hairdryer over and you blow-dry it to the actual side that you want it to end up in that's gonna give you instant volume an instant height then to finish it off you're gonna heat up your hair with the highest heat setting right here in the direction that you wanted to end up in and blast it with cold air the cold air is gonna lock your hair into place and then you're done alright now that my hair is dry you can see that it already has some shape and that's because when you put the argan oil and then you blow-dry it into place and make sure that it's good then it pretty much stays like this right and what you want to do is you want to keep it like that but without any product it's just gonna flop over as you can see we're gonna use some forty series textured clay this is my new clay that just came out as you guys know we've already received thousands of orders so first of all thank you guys so much for the support it's been incredible it's been amazing to just see these orders coming in to see the tweets to see the Instagram posts and stories I really appreciate it it means the world to me so thank you guys so much this is a very heavy clay and I'm gonna show you guys what I mean by that so as you can see it's kind of hard to scoop it's a pretty hard product so you have to really dig in there so when you get this product when you get it delivered don't think oh I can't even dig in it's really hard it's frozen whatever no you just have to really dig in if for whatever reason you feel like it's a little too hard to dig in if you live in a cold area and you know it was in a truck city and the truck outside and it's frozen or whatever you can always heat it up like this done that's all you need to heat it up a little bit it's easier to scoop that way and you scoop out just about this much it's about a dime don't really need that much my hairs somewhat long right now and this is all I'm gonna use and always remember guys you can use more if you want you know you use this much at first if for some reason you feel like you need more product you can always apply more you can never take away so if you put too much product you're gonna have to wash your hair again and start over you don't want that you ain't got time for that so put that on your palm and this is one of the most important things that you have to do right now so listen carefully you have to break it down all the way you don't want to leave any clumps so you put it on your palm and you really smush it in there together and you see how if you look at my hands right now there are a few clumps you don't want that because that's gonna clump right into your hair so what you want to do is you want to make sure that you smooth it out all the way so use those muscles that you got all right until it is absolutely clear so when you look at it now it's like this clear thin layer of product on my palms and that's exactly what you want and for extra precaution what I would tell you to do is start back here so if there's any clumps at all then it's gonna it's going to be in the back of your hair and not right in the front where everyone can see it so you start in the back and then you work your way towards the front and you can really work it in there make sure you get the roots as well because that's what's gonna keep your hair up if the roots it's kind of hard not doing this without a mirror I'm kind of like using a monitor that's really far away so I apologize but I mean look at the hold on this thing I haven't even done it look at the hold on this frame it is ridiculous it's ridiculous like if I really wanted to like look at that it's insane the hold on this is amazing that's why it's a little bit harder of a clay but if you know how to work if you really work it into your palms and I still have so much product I actually overuse a little bit because I just cut my hair so I have less hair more product so you can just style it what I like to do is I like to bring down the sides like this so it's a nice classy look and make sure that it's good here on the back what I like to do is I just kind of bring my hands together here like that I really don't need that much product to the back and then in the front I do this on the sides here and in the front what I like to do is I like to use my fingers to create texture to create like these little spaces of hair like that so texture just looks so good in hair you don't want it to be all clumped up so you see how it creates these little holes right here and my hairstyle that's exactly what you want that's how this is created just using my fingers you just do this boom and it locks it in that's why this is called the texture clay because it will give you this much texture just by using your fingers which is awesome so you can see that there's texture you can see all the lines it looks really good there's depth you know to the hair style which is awesome and it's easy to wash out I don't have any water on me but you can literally just just wash it out with water and soap and on your hair you can just use shampoo and it comes off very easily we made sure of that also this product is infused with argan oil so it is actually nourishing my hair right now as it holds it together this is so easy to use guys if you want if you have a hairstyle they really want to keep it together if you want some hairspray you can do that if you want some texture powder you can add that as well but reality is the hold on this thing is ridiculous like it's gonna hold your hair together all day long and one of the best things about this product too is you can move it around so yes it is a hard clay but if I want to change my hair so right now I can't it will work look if I just want for example sometimes I do this because I think it looks kind of cool like just get a little bit messy you know what I mean whoa look at that it holds it in place so it looks cool it looks kind of like a careless vibe you know beach vibe like this looks amazing but it's held together it's not like flapping around look it's not moving but it's also soft and if I want to bring it back I can just do that and all of a sudden my hairstyle is back to what it was before so this is why I'm saying this hair product is incredible like I worked on this for two years I'm so excited with it and you know we got the or argan oil coming out soon we have other product coming out soon and I'm so stoked I would love to know what you guys think of this hairstyle and of this hairstyle tutorial if you guys have any questions at all I'm gonna be very diligent and answer as many questions in the comments as possible I know everybody's hair is different I know everybody's hair type is different hair length you know so a hair line so if you have any questions about your specific body your specific hair let me know in the comment section down below and I'll try my best to help you guys this is how I do my hair it takes no more than 10 minutes like no more than 10 minutes to do my hair every single day I try to be quick I'm not sitting there like trying all these different things the haircut is important of course that's the base of any hairstyle and of course the products will do a whole lot for you here if you guys want to order fort a series texture clay it is out right now it's Forte it's gonna be listed in the description below and again I just want to thank you guys it's been amazing I actually included a thank you letter in every single product so if you're gonna order it you're gonna get a special letter for me that I hand wrote just for you guys so I really appreciate it guys you guys have been amazing and this launch has been nothing short of as special to me so thank you so much if you guys want any other hair product hair tutorials I'm gonna list the few of them in the description below as well some haircuts we just did a live haircut no edits fully live the full haircut with Robert and how I style my hair it's on my youtube channel I'll link that in the description below as well thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you again very soon peace

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