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Hairy Tarantula Parking

Spider-Man was right smack dab in front of him ... He met SpongeBob, Lassie and a 3-year-old orangutan named archie. The hairy, brownish-red primate took to the boy, grabbing his hand and holding ...

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Recent news of the impending arrival of the giant, flying joro reminds us that perhaps no species frightens people more than the spider ... especially the hairy variety, and we turn to jelly.

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Left upon the table until midnight, a spare tumbler of the ‘juice’ killed off the baby tarantulas — that feeling of small hairy arms creeping upon the flesh as limbs began to stiffen.” ...

Experts say Kansans don't need to be worried about the healthy population of tarantulas found in parts of the state, particularly in the southern tier of counties. The large, hairy spiders are ...

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