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Hair Sensitivity Test

SENSITIVITY TESTS. Non-invasive biofeedback tests using a small hair sample to test 800+ Foods, inhalants, vitamins and minerals. Join 250,000+ people and receive guidance on your sensitivity triggers and overall body health.

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Our testing method arms you with the information to make changes that will relieve your symptoms. It is non-invasive and just involves taking a single strand of hair. We test over 600 different allergens, including food and non-food products. It’s a method, when compared to blood and urine testing, that’s faster to process and cheaper to test.

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Mar 05, 2020  · There’s a lot of confusion around surrounding food sensitivity and allergy testing. In particular, the testing methods seem to cause a lot of questions. We’re asked all the by customers, which test they should get, so today we’re clearing things up and explaining the differences between our bioresonance hair testing and our blood testing.

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SAFE - SIMPLE- NON-INVASIVE HAIR TESTING for Food Intolerances. We offer the most comprehensive testing for food intolerances with your hair sample using the latest bio-technology resonance hair test. This safe, easy and quick procedure uses a small sample of your hair and delivers results for you.

We test up to 975 triggers, and results provide a wide range of possible imbalance in your body, all mailed securely to your email and the free healthy stuff app. sale. sensitivity test. 500 sensitivities tested. (Food, drink & environment) Hair strand sample. $39.00.

Mar 08, 2020  · This test examines the mineral content of the hair. Its basis is that if a person takes a harmful substance, it adds to the mineral makeup of hair. Some doctors may recommend this test to detect a food allergy. Food allergy is diagnosed by measuring IgE antibodies in the blood. Food intolerance is detected by measuring IgG levels.

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