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Hair Rollers Emoji

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Pinocchio alone seems to be alive, but he stares straight ahead, expressionless. At first glance, he looks almost serene.

Still in my PJs' The 21-year-old cosmetics mogul flaunted her taut tummy and sculpted abs as she rocked a pair of kiss emoji pajamas while ... line with a party at a roller skating rink in Los ...

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Ab rollers are a killer way to spice up your workout and sculpt that dream core. Ab rollers are simple, relatively ...

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Ananya captioned the post "it's not perfect but I don't hate it (emoji) makin every hair flip count". She also gave ace designer Manish Malhotra credits, suggesting that he shot the video.

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Ever the artistic visionary, she wore roller skates on her feet and lounged ... She wore bright blue eyeshadow, and her hair was in top knots with charms and hair clips. A post shared by Doja ...

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