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Hair Falling Out 2 Years After Pregnancy

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A day after her baby shower festivities, Nicky steps out ... hair down. Nicky is pregnant with her and husband Rothschild's third child - a sibling for daughters Lily-Grace, five, and four ...

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The post comes after The ... last year. The TV star tackled the stigma around baldness and alopecia - the autoimmune condition that causes hair all over the body to fall out.

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About 90% of the hair on the head is in the anagen, or growth phase, which lasts anywhere from two to eight years. The catagen, or transition phase, typically lasts 2-3 weeks, during which the ...

post pregnancy complications are also amongst them. Check out these common health problems faced by new mothers. New moms often experience heavy hair fall ... children after 30 years of age.

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