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Although it may appear to be as simple as running a brush through your strands, there are several techniques, products, and ...

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Feb 01, 2017  · A Dominican blowout, so named for its popularity in Dominican salons, is a salon blowout that straightens very curly hair for anywhere from two to four weeks. Relaxers and dominican blowouts turn tight curls into straight strands, whereas a Brazilian Blowout would keep these curls intact, enhance their shine, and tame their volume.

It makes my hair frizzy and big, then takes a while to straighten after. When I use this round brush, my hair comes out basically done. Fully straightened without it being a frizzy mane. I then touch it up with a flat iron for 5-10 minutes. This round brush dryer literally takes my styling process from an hour and a half to about 30 minutes.

Since hair dryer brushes wrap two tools into one ... and is more gentle for those with damaged hair. A. Thin, straight locks require less time and effort. If you have thick, textured hair ...

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To help you get sleeker, straighter hair with the ease of a brush, we've pulled together the best hair straightening brushes ...

Now I'm convinced it's worth the hype. The T3 Edge ($150) is a heated styling paddle brush that's supposed to straighten hair while smoothing frizz and flyaways - exactly what I needed.

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