effortless beach waves hair tutorial | short hair

Fix your bad hair days with this easy and effortless beach waves hair tutorial. This look is great for day-to-day hair and will keep you looking cute all summer long.

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it's been a de-stressing I like crazy just wanna be lazy with my girls it's been a day we gonna get wavy layer on some diamonds and some load all night fam today we are talking all about hair waves natural beachy hair waves for short to medium length hair this is a question that I get more than all my other questions combined you guys asking me how I do my soft beachy waves and today I'm gonna give you a really informative video on exactly how to get this look I mean we are going like really in-depth on this one you guys so I really hope you learned something from this as always please if you are new to my channel or if you have just come across me now check out my Instagram I'll link it right here and in the description you can follow my real-time daily posts I am you know on stories a lot more than I'm on YouTube so what goes on in the day to day life of this person right here gimme follow in the meantime we're gonna jump right into this right now so if you want to learn how to style beach waves for short to medium length hair please keep watching so this is how my hair looks after a wash and blow-dry as you can tell I have poker straight hair when I do blow-dry my hair just so you know I blow-dry it upside down or I'll go just against the way my hair naturally goes so if I'm blow-drying on the side here I'll have the blow-dryer and I'll blow dry it this way just because I think it gives like a little bit more volume that way and then obviously like he'll use whatever products you have whether it's like moose or a thickening spray or what-have-you just for like that added volume that's typically what I do and then to keep my hair kind of in place at the end I'm will dry shampoo the whole thing and like scruff it up with my fingers because I think that gives you the most like tasseled natural wavy look so we'll get to that now I use this T 3 micro curling iron this is their one inch curling iron this is the newest one because I have like short to medium length hair when I used to have longer hair down just past my shoulders think about here I would use the one and a half or two inch curling iron to get those really nice loose waves so because my hair is shorter now I need a smaller curling iron what I do is I take a trusty little Clippy and I section my hair I'm a bit lazy but if you want like really precise curls and stuff you should section it in three different sections I just like to do two sections it works for me so I've just got half of the section pinned up while I do this bottom bit here the bottom like back here and stuff I don't worry about it too much I try and curl like what I can and I there's no like specific like rhyme or reason I just kind of like will take it in random sections and curl whichever way because I mean no one's really gonna see this you just have to have it all curled in some capacity and now specifically for the Front's here where your hair kind of frames your face you have to curl away from your face I like to curl like this I take my hand and I physically wrap around and then I curl away from my face okay now the bottom half is done I'm gonna take out the top here and I'm gonna do the top I like to take really thicker chunks for this because I think it gives like even a looser wave than if you were to take smaller sections I mean I'll grab like a a thick chunk you know curl and sometimes I'll alternate the curls too so instead of like always going away like curling away I will curl forwards sometimes again I never do this when I get close to the face though you always want to curl away when you're near the face but just to give it like a different texture and going in like different directions I know those get ready with you videos like people are talking and then doing like their makeup or their hair at the same time and I really want to be chatty with you guys but I'm not great at multitasking so I sit here like in silence half the time trying to curl my hair thinking like I should be talking right now because it's way more entertaining but it's really hard for me to to do that when I'm concentrated you know what I mean okay so you might have missed what I did there excited and explained it so when I get some longer pieces at the top here because my hair's not like super short anymore if you have longer hair and it's not super short this is key for you because it will give you an even curl or wave the whole way down your head rather than just like one halfway I've seen way too many girls curl their hair and this is how they do it they will curl like this and then pull out sometimes when you leave the end straight it does work I think that works on longer hair but when you have really short hair it ends up looking like you just have one bin and then it's straight everywhere else do you know what I mean like I think maybe it would be good if you would do it just like once every few curls like this I mean I don't do that but you could I've seen a lot of people do that but what I like to do is I curl here and I still have a bit hanging so I'll actually pull down and I'll finish the curl like that all the way down and then I'll pull it out I like to pull it out because it kind of like loosens it up I don't like to let it sit like that for too long okay now we're getting at the bangs here I like to actually physically curl with my hand when we get to the bangs and then I kind of pull like that I'm gonna curl the other side my head I'll be right back I'm gonna explain what I do with the top section here after okay I'm back normally when I'm curling my hair by the way it takes me like ten minutes take me no time at all to curl my hair so I take it in such thick chunks I only section it in two sections and like it's super fast I'm taking a little bit longer now because I'm explaining this tutorial to you guys and how I do it so let's go back a step before I talk about the tops of my head right now what I did was I one washed and then I blow dried and I blow dried my hair upside down use a mousse use a thickening spray use whatever you'd like to use to give that a little bit extra texture and volume to section your hair into different sections you can do three I mean three is a little more thorough two works for me so I just stick with two sections and three when you're curling your hair you want to alternate the curls so until you get close to your face here you always want to curl out when you're near your face but I like to alternate when I'm around the back so I'll curl one this way I'll curl another forwards I'll curl that another back like I'll alternate to give different texture in the wave so the last thing I do is the tops of my hair here it ends up being quite flat I don't know if you got this but I do because when you're curling the curl starts about here and then it curls all the way down getting the top of your head I don't want to touch it and burn my head so I typically will take just a couple sections here two maybe three smaller sections and I'll actually just with my hand wrap around once and I'll leave it then I'll pull it out and see how now I have a little bit of a wave here at the top looks a little bit more natural the whole way through so I'll do one more here and I don't take a stick of like chunks I'll just leave it I'll pull out [Music] and to finish off I will use two products one is this Bumble and Bumble thickening spray I also have an or V thickening spray and a mica thickening spray I use a plethora of different sprays this just happens to be one of my favorites I think it works great and it smells incredible which is really what draws me to it I just I just love the smell of this one so I take it and this is really what's gonna give you a ton of volume as you want to use the thickening spray because it not only gives you volume but it also gives you like added texture which is gonna make your hair and look fuller rub that in I sprayed it Penny's sitting behind me by the way and she moved she started sneezing and she moved Danny you know you don't like the smells like just me huh she was sitting like right here behind me she started sneezing and moved over there oh baby she is always by my side actually what I wanted to talk to you guys about this this is a total side note for anyone who like watches my Instagram stories I get messages from you guys like ever so often about you know what happened to my cat and where's my cat and you know I'm a poor owner or did I forget about my cat I never forget about my cat I love my cat she's my baby I've had her for eight years of course I don't forget about my cat I just she's not next to me all the time yeah of course I have more video with penny in it and we go for rides together I can't take a cat for a car ride they don't want to go so anyway as a side note penny is always here but my cat is still very loved you guys I love my cat so next and finally I'll take this styling bomb I'll do like two little squirts and then I'll just rub it into the ends and this kind of gives it that hold I don't really like to use hairspray too often so I just kind of rub this in from like the middle to the end and that's what really holds it let's spread out the curls here just pull them apart so they tend to get stuck when I use this cream now when I have my hair curled sometimes I leave it parted but if you want a little extra volume I like to part it like ever so slightly to the side I just think it looks a little bit more like effortless yeah anyway so that's it I hope you guys learned something if anything from this gained some some new tips or tricks and if you liked it please give me a thumbs up and subscribe and I'll see you guys next week

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