Easy Everyday Wavy Hair Tutorial

In the summer, in particular, your technique becomes a lot more relaxed. With the warmer months come fun styles and vacation time which means you want to look your best but at the same time be comfortable! You’ll be able to do just that with this easy wavy hair tutorial. The most difficult thing about it is choosing which piece to work on next!

Video Transcript

hey everybody what's up thank you so much for coming back and watching so if I look a little crazy if my hair looks a little undone it's because today's video is actually going to be a hair tutorial now I've gotten this question a good amount of times already asking me how I curl my hair how I style short hair and basically what I'm going to do is just go over my entire curling routine I guess and honestly I'm not super high maintenance with my hair I feel like I just put a couple products in curl it and then my curls will last for a couple days so I'm pretty lucky in that department so I'm just going to go over that the technique that I use and everything so if you guys are interested in that then just keep on watching alright so first off my hair right now is freshly washed hair I just washed it maybe like an hour ago and then I used a blow dryer to dry it off and basically the two products that I swear by when it comes to my hair are these two products right here this is a small bottle of Moroccan oil this is the Moroccan oil oil treatment it's the original one I believe Oh actually this is the light version so I love this I have been using this for years and years and years I definitely prefer it over argan oil I love the way it smells it's literally like my favorite scent in the world smells like orange blossoms I believe that's what it is yeah and it's such a light oil it makes your hair super shiny very very smooth helps with frizz and stuff which I have a really bad problem with because where I live it's very very humid and yeah so I like to put this in my hair when it's damp I like to just towel dry my hair a little bit I'll wait with maybe 10 minutes or so before I put this into my hair I'll put a little bit in the palm of my hands rub it in really really nicely so it gets really warm and then I start from the tips of my hair and then work it up and I really enjoy doing that I feel like this scent in itself is worth it and also just the effect that it has my hair is also really great these second products that I've been using is the Aveda color conserved daily color protect I've been using this I think since last summer whenever I got my hair done at the salon that I go to now but I was recommended this by my hair stylist and she said that this would help conserve the color obviously hence color conserved and it smells really nice it's a little more natural if you guys aren't a big fan of that scent then I don't think you would like it I personally really like it it reminds me of my salon so it feels like a freshly washed salon treatment type of thing what I'll do is I'll get a quarter size into my hand and rub it in really really well and then I'll start at the middle where I have the most color going on in my hair if you can see that and I'll kind of just go like this shush it up a little bit and then I'll work my way down I'll go in and kind of just like massage it through and that's basically what I do I will use other products and stuff in my hair but those two are the main ones that I used to prep my hair for curling and everyday really whenever I wash my hair I don't wash my hair every day I do use dry shampoo religiously I jump between dry shampoos I'm not really too picky I like the batiste one and also the not your mother's one but the unscented one because the scented one is like kind of lemony and I don't really enjoy that okay so the first thing that I do when I curl my hair is I section my hair off I'll leave a very thin layer to curl so this is what we're left with if you guys can see that right there it's a really really thin layer so I'm going to just clip up the rush and I have this little clip singing it's like the little claw thing I love this I use it all the time and since I use that Moroccan oil earlier I'm not going to be using a heat protectant you definitely can if you have it I actually don't have one on hand the curling iron that I prefer you use is this hot tools professional curling iron it is an ancient 3/4 I believe and the way that I do my curls I don't start at the very bottom and curl upwards I kind of like to see this is real hard to do without a mirror okay you can do this right so I like to start kind of in the middle and then bring it down and then go back up and I don't go up too high the key to curling my hair is having a little piece of hair like that right there having it kind of stick out because that'll make it look more natural it'll it'll make it look like you know you don't have super super curly hair so that's my curl right there and when I release it I don't undo the curl if that makes sense I kind of release the barrel and then pull downwards so again for you guys to see I just start in the middle go down a little and then work my way back up just like that I hold it for like five to ten seconds just depending and I'll leave it there and I like using my curling iron at the highest temperature that it has I think this one is 450 so I'll just do that for a little while and then I will release it I'll press on this handle right here kind of like pulse it release it and go downwards there you go so I'm just going to do that with the rest of this layer and making sure that I always have like an inch or two of hair that's left at the end that's out of the barrel okay and then once that section is done I will just release another section I usually like to do my curls in three sections so I'll do the bottom the middle and then the very very top so I'm just going to release a little bit more right there clip up the rest and then do the exact same thing and I'm taking a pretty small sections of hair if you can see that it's like maybe an inch maybe even less than an inch of thickness it can be thick curled it can be thin curls but what makes it look natural is it's not so uniform and I really really enjoy that look so I achieved that by doing different widths of hair just curling different amounts of hair each time and also another thing that I make sure to do is all make the curls go in different directions so most of the time I'll be curling my hair inwards but I will also take sections and curl them towards my face so instead of going over the curl with the barrel I'm going to go underneath the curl now so just taking it where the clamp is behind the hair and then curling the other direction and I like to do this with almost every other section that I pull and I think that this makes it look really really natural I really like the undone look and yeah I won't do it to the very first one because then it will be like curling into your face and that just looks a little funny to me so I'll do it maybe to the second or third section that I pull and I'm literally just continuing the same process all throughout the perimeter of my hair so the last section of hair is a little different I like to curl it just looked ad differently the only difference is that I take even smaller sections of hair because I feel like this is where it shows the most obviously and you can do way more definition when you when you curl smaller sections of hair holding it for a little longer than I was holding the other sections just because I want these top curls to last be longest and then pulling it down while pulsing the clamp and we're still doing different directions you can honestly just do it whenever you feel like it so getting as close to the top of my head as possible and just doing this just doing this whole thing until the very end I think another key to doing the loose wave the more natural wave thing is not to hold your hair in the curling irons for too too long so let's heat that it receives then the less curly it is and when I get closer to the front of my hair where my bangs are then I like to just do the ends of this part so I'll just curl it in just like that and then let it go right away so curl it and then release it so you're really just pulling the curling iron through it so the two finishing products that I like to use are these - this is my Vita air control hairspray it's a really light spray but it also holds really well and then my bumble and bumble bee bee thickening dry sponge finishing spray so what I do is I take my fingers and I don't run them through really I kind of just take it and I judge just like this really really lightly just to make the curls a little less crazy so I go in and I do this throughout my entire head really nothing fancy at all and this way if anything's not looking as curly as I want it to be then I can go back in with my curling iron and fix it up but it looks like we did a pretty good job so what I'm going to do is I'm going to first use my bumble and bumble thickening spray really shake this up and then I'm going to be using it on the first layer and then bringing it in as well so I like to do this in like random spurts I guess and this is really going to add some texture to your hair especially if it's freshly washed like mine right now and then this part of my hair at least flat sometimes so I like to take it right underneath hold it for a second and then drop it and kind of judge it up that's the word of the video judge and once I feel like I have enough of that spray in there enough texture then I just seal it all in with my hairspray okay guys and that is my entire hair tutorial how I get wavy kind of messy natural looking waves this is what I like to do whenever I do my hair really really liked it I hope this was helpful for you guys if it was then please let me know by commenting liking this video and also subscribing for more videos just like this one and I hope to see you guys in my next video bye guys

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