Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer for Curly Hair? | DETAILED first impressions

I tend to do a fair bit of research on different products before I buy them to make sure they’re worth the price and this was true when I bought a new hairdryer recently. After going through a few reviews, I found that the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer for Curly Hair got consistently good reviews from customers about its ability to dry curly hair. The reviews all say that it was better than other hair dryers so I thought it would be worth trying.

Video Transcript

whoa [Music] hello guys and welcome back to my channel today i'm really excited for today's video because i'm going to be doing a first impressions slash review on a very expensive product let me just get it i was very kindly gifted a dyson what's it called supersonic um uh this isn't a sponsored video but i was gifted this just want to put that out as a disclaimer so this is the very famous dyson supersonic um hair dryer and what i like about this already i haven't used it yet but i did unbox it yesterday is that it actually comes with the diffuser attachment which is great because it is so expensive you don't want to be buying the diffuser attachment alongside the very expensive hairdryer so this is going to be my first impressions a total honest opinion on the dyson supersonic diffuser dryer and how it works for curly hair this is an expensive product so i want to give you as much information as possible on my first impressions so that you know if it's worth buying it or not but i do have to say i've heard a lot of positive reviews that this is literally the best diffuser some of my curly friends have used so i'm very excited to use this um for context i styled my hair today as per usual as i've been styling it for the last few weeks so that i know exactly the difference the diffuse is going to make if you want to see that routine i only just posted it up so it's very fresh check it out let's talk about some facts so this has a thermistor thermistor that guards against extreme heat damage to protect a natural shine which is great for curly girls you know we want to keep heat off our hair as much as possible it is fast drying and you need for balance and a smooth controlled styling obviously we don't want smooth hair we want curls we want volume that's what i look for it's also supposed to be quite light and it's fast and it's small there's a cold shot which is great there's a few air settings there's heat settings yeah so let me talk about what i actually look for in a diffuser before we hop into this so i personally love diffusers that are more of a flat shape with the poles or the pegs poking outwards so i don't really love a dish shaped diffuser because normally i feel like my hair sits in there and it flies around and gets quite fuzzy but when it's um more of a flat shape with the poles or pegs poking outwards it cups my hair better and i just feel like i get less frizz i also love on my dryer that it has you know a few heat and um speed settings and also a cold shot because you want to make sure you're not applying too much heat to your hair this is what we've got so here we've got the actual dryer it is so unique i really dyson is one of a kind right this is what it looks like mine is purple now this is the diffuser so you see how this is more of a bowl shape with the pegs they don't protrude far out this is what i typically don't like in a diffuser so i'm very intrigued interested intrigued to see how this works on my hair um it comes with a little mat i'm guessing this is like a heat protecting matte thing two styling tools for straight blowouts which i don't really know how to use sorry about that and of course the dryer itself so it's wrapped in plastic i don't know how necessary that is like do we really need like you know it comes in a box so we really need to be wasting this much plastic now let's look how long this cord is because you know when you have a hair dryer with a short cord it's not fun yep definitely really good size cord it's nice and long this is super light guys especially compared to my muk dryer and diffuser that i use at the moment we've got here is the on button um and this is the cold shot that's the culture that's the on button whoa also here i think these are more of the heat air settings so you can just click right i'm going to start on the lowest speed because that's what i typically do anyway and then also you've got the heat settings here too there's three heat settings which is kind of typical for um any dryer so i'm gonna start on the lowest heat setting so um if you've watched any of my videos the way i like to dry my hair is leave it after i style it for 20 to 30 minutes so that i'm not disrupting the curl pattern sometimes if you just add the diffuser or the heat right onto your hair it gets a little fuzzy so i like to let it sit and form its natural curl pattern without touching it and then i like to go in by first applying uh attaching the diffuser oh wow is it magnetic yeah i think it's magnetic that's really cool it's not it's like it's nice and easy to pop on this is a lot smaller than some of the diffusers i've used so i wonder if it's going to take a little bit more time this is what it looks like with the diffuser attachment so i like to start by hovering the diffuser around my hair to begin because i feel like this as i said before it doesn't disrupt your natural color pattern so by just hovering it around you know get on those roots at the back of your head at the crown get those roots dried and then once you are you know about 50 60 dry i like to start cupping my hair with the diffuser so i'm going to start on the lowest speed and the lowest heat [Applause] okay so now i want to start cupping my hair but i don't want to increase the heat because it's quite like it's quite warm i don't want to put it any higher at the moment because i feel like it'll be a bit too much heat for my curly hair so i'm going to just start puffing my hair [Applause] turn the air up [Applause] looking good okay guys so what i'm noticing so far is my hair is drying very well very well uh definitely a slight bit slower than usual because my diffuser is quite a bit quite a bit bigger than this um but i'm not you know not too mad about it um i'm going to try and kick things up a notch just to test out a few different settings so i'm going to put this on to full speed for the wind i'm going to put it on the second heat setting if it starts to get too hot i'm just going to add this cool blast because i want to see how cold it gets um so yeah i'm going to try that out so full feed one more heat okay my hair's not dry yet um it's getting there um very nice and bouncy i'm noticing hardly any frizz like not even around the top parts maybe just a little there it's pretty good so far that second heat setting is hot like i would probably not use that until the very very end if i just want to blast those roots and make sure they're dry i definitely would never use the third the hottest heat setting especially as a curly girl for heat styling obviously it's different but i definitely wouldn't be using that because you want to keep away from heat damage so i would stick to the just the first heat setting um and the cool blast is pretty good too so yeah definitely kind of alternate between the two i'm gonna keep going so as my hair is starting to get on the dryer side now let me have a look what's happening still absolute minimum freeze like really minimum which is awesome and i have so much definition and shine you look at that wow so um when i get to this part of diffusing i like to start diffusing but also checking my roots with my hands just to feel how dry they are because i like to have as much moisture out of my roots as possible so that i can start to build on some volume and shake out my hair without getting it fuzzy i think my hair is pretty much about 90 percent dry and i'm just gonna have a little inspection so i'm only seeing the slightest bit of frizz on the top which is very normal for me but this is actually quite a lot less frizz than i do normally have my hair is wow wow it's so shiny oh wow my hair looks so shiny are you seeing this dude what i'm going to do now is what i always do i like to grab my hands and start to shake out my curls a little bit because this is how i get volume you want to be careful at the top by going under you don't want to distract the top because that will give you freeze so just kind of separate very gently on your scalp there's a few spots where it's still a tiny bit white guys wow my hair is so so shiny and the curls are so defined wow i actually cannot deal with this my hair looks so good so everybody i'm very impressed with the dyson supersonic with the diffuser for curly hair my hair looks extremely shiny it is very very defined as well and i also got a really good amount of volume out of this i will say it did take me a little bit more time than my other muk dryer because it's quite a big um diffuser this is a smaller diffuser attachment so it would be amazing for short hair if you have long hair like mine or longer hair just be prepared to spend an extra minute or so on drying your hair but in the long run it is so much more shiny than normal after i diffuse it like i have the shininess of air drying with the volume of diffusing so yeah this little thing is very good i can't look at the definition look at these bouncy ass curls dude i am very very impressed to say the least now it is expensive i'm not i'm not gonna lie it's expensive but if you're someone who does have the money and you're looking to invest in a good dryer i definitely recommend this if you've got the money it is amazing and i'm definitely going to be playing around with it a lot more and using it a lot more um and really form a solid opinion around it which i'll update you guys in a few of my next videos definitely but overall so far i'm very impressed with the technology i'm very impressed with how it dried my hair i'm very happy that you don't have to buy the diffuser tip diffuser separately because a lot of us girls get curly girls get stitched up we buy a 200 you know dryer and then you have to buy a 50 diffuser and it's it's just annoying but that is the difference if this was this big oh dude you know but it's still very good that's that's that's the only thing i was saying thank you so much for watching my video and today's first impressions just want to re say that this wasn't sponsored i was gifted the product but it's all my um opinion and i'm very very happy with how my hair's turned out i'll keep updating you and stay tuned for more videos thanks so much for watching and leave your comments in the comments below because i'm always there okay bye guys thanks for watching

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