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Let it be known that there is absolutely nothing wrong with frizzy hair. Like, nothing at all. Frizz is natural and nothing to “tame" or "control," but if that's not the look you're going for at ...

Ultra-smooth, shiny hair is having a major moment – here’s how to get the look. What is liquid hair? How To Achieve ...

Fighting Frizz? Tame Your Mane With 4 anti-humidity hair products That Work I was walking to the subway with my boyfriend recently, on one of those disgusting summer days when the sun is out in ...

Grapeseed oil can be applied directly to wet or dry hair to reduce frizz and fly-away hair and help keep a part in place. How much oil you need will depend on the length and thickness of your hair ...

Our proprietary blend of four unique, wildcrafted plant oils deliver unprecedented health and shine to all hair types. Created to restore and maintain the perfect balance of essential fatty acids in the hair, this blend of healing botanical oils moisturizes and nourishes dry, stressed hair without greasiness or residue.

Often confused for thick or curly hair, coarse hair is a unique hair texture that, with the right care, can yield healthy and luscious locks.The concerns associated with coarse hair include dryness, frizz, and stubbornness. However, with the proper routine and products, you can be the source of major hair envy.

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