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However, she decided to wear an intense curly wig ... up to fans on Instagram and said that she has opted to start wearing wigs because she has been experiencing dramatic hair loss.

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curly or anything in between. So, if your freshly straightened hair got ruined by unpredictable UK weather this morning (or worse, the sweaty commute), then why not add a few plaits into your locks.

If you’re blessed with curly hair, you’re likely well aware that caring for those curls can be a challenge. Unlike women with straight hair, curlies have asymmetrical hair follicles that are ...

Timberlake was famously dating pop princess britney Spears while becoming internationally known for the steaming hot pack of Ramen noodles styled as his curly hair ... to Instagram and so on.

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learn the common hair myths that are ruining your hair. “hydrating conditioners and leave-ins are a must for curly hair,” says celebrity stylist sabrina porsche of Mane Addicts. “A good ...

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