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These products have impressed beauty professionals of all disciplines, and are gathered here so you can live your best life ...

Hair gel is a hairstyle product that is used to stiffen hair into a particular hairstyle. The end result is similar to, but stronger than, those of hair spray. hair gel is most commonly used in the hairstyling of men, but it is not gender specific. hair gel can come in tubes, pots, small bags, or even in a spray form. hair wax

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Now that weekly zoom calls, face masks, and social distancing have become the new norm, many of us have taken a slightly more ...

Veganuary isn’t only about overhauling your diet — you could also find animal by-products in your beauty routine. There are lots of brands that are making the switch to vegan formulas, ...

Mar 28, 2018  · You might try the clay if you have dry, lackluster hair and you want to use a more natural product. If bentonite clay fails to benefit your hair, see your dermatologist for advice.

Apr 06, 2021  · Like the hair clay version of a fancy cologne, this luxury styling product gives your hair a natural finish with medium hold, as well as a subtle rosewood fragrance (it’s …

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