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Bnb Hair Salon

What used to be an endless cache of overweight checked luggage and strained lower back muscles from carrying it all up AirBNB ... for my hair, and it even smells like an expensive salon.

A search on Airbnb shows the price increase in the rental homes. As of Wednesday, there were bedrooms in Cleveland and Sheboygan going for $450 per night, and the next cheapest option in the area ...

Best Balayage Ottawa

"Real Housewives of New York" alum dorinda medley is listing her famous berkshires home on Airbnb. Blue Stone Manor will be available for two one-night stays and will cost $100 per night.

Parlor Toronto

charming 2 bedroom ''beach house'' is ready for a new owner. This is the perfect canvas to be the next great ''Air BNB'' or short term rental. Located just a few feet from the stunning North Beach ...

White House Hair Salon Toronto

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