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Black Hair Moisturizer

2 When your hair goes gray, it also typically means that your scalp will no longer produce enough sebum to maintain healthy ...

Sep 16, 2021  · Apply a moisturizer (which does not contain petroleum jelly, petrolatum or mineral oil) to your hair. Wet your hair with water. Start about 1" (2.5 cm) away from the roots and apply the moisturizer all the way to the ends!

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Learn about and shop my favorite black-owned beauty brands that I use all the time and hold near and dear to my heart.

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Moisture is a MAJOR factor in achieving healthy beautiful hair, dryness leads to breakage, tangles, lack of length retention and makes styling frustrating. shea Yogurt is especially formulated to keep kinky textured hair healthy and moisturized. This yummy smelling cream based moisturizer is light and fluffy, so it doesn't cause product build up.

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Formerly known as R&B, this bestselling, ultra-hydrating hair moisturizer changed its name, but not its mojo. For hydrated, frizz-free hair, look no further than our ultra-hydrating hair moisturizer. Just a small dab will keep your hair soft and conditioned all day with a beautiful blend of avocado butter, olive, jojoba and coconut oils and ...

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When it comes to innovative, authentically inclusive products, Black-owned beauty brands have always led the pack — partially ...

"There are so many brands out there that are trying to speak to us or on our behalf when in reality, it isn't a true ...

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