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Best Way To Remove Nits From Hair

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Sharing hair products like brushes or combs is another way to easily spread lice ... massick says treatment includes: removing the nits to keep them from hatching (typically done with a fine ...

Part the hair all the way down ... Check for lice and nits again in one week and repeat the treatment if necessary. If these do not work, a doctor can give you a prescription for stronger medicine. An ...

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Then there’s a fair chance they’ve either had or will soon get nits ... The best way to do this is to use a nit detection comb with very fine metal teeth, available over the counter from the pharmacy.

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And you’re way more likely to get ... “My daughter seems to catch nits at least once a year. I’d just treated her for them, and she has super thick hair, so it takes me a good few hours to do a proper ...

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