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Best Razor For Coarse Hair

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Different people have various types of facial hair. The hair can be coarse or fine ... in a pack of 12 razors, and you can use them every three to four weeks for best results.

Vikings blade swedish steel replacement Razor Blade: Ideal for non-coarse hair, high-quality swedish steel, mild and safe on skin. $$ Feather RD-100X1 double edge blade: smooth shave, made with stainless with platinum coating, suitable for men, very sharp blade. $$$$

This razor is perfectly suited to those that have a thinner hair type and provided me with a good, close and comfortable shave. The two-blade design of the Sensor2 may struggle with very coarse facial hair, causing the blades to dull prematurely. 5. Gillette Venus

So you're tellin' me that one of the best razors for sensitive ... Featuring one single blade, this razor will give you the cleanest shave ever, sans hair-pulling and irritation.

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If you're wondering how to shave with a safety razor, we're glad you asked ... They’re better for coarse hair If you have thick hair that just doesn’t budge under the lightness of a standard ...

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SoftSheen-Carson magic razorless shaving cream for Men, Hair Removal Cream, Extra Strength for Coarse Beards, No Razor needed depilatory cream works in 4 Minutes for Coarse Hair, 6 oz 3.9 out of 5 stars 16,044 ratings

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