Best Hair Salon For Asian Hair Toronto

Posted on September 20, 2020

Best Hair Salon For Asian Hair Toronto

Are you looking for the best hair salon for Asian hair in Toronto? At A & I Hair Salon, we offer the best hair cuts and styling treatments exclusively for Asian hair based on your requirements, hair length, texture, and face shape.

Should Asians go to a hair salon that specializes in Asian hair?

Asian hair differs from Caucasian hair in a variety of ways. Only a skilled Asian hairstylist can recommend a hair spa treatment or a coloring treatment after a thorough analysis of your hair texture, volume, health, strength, and length.

Treatments that work well for a Caucasian hair may barely yield the same results for the Asian type. Also, the cuticles of Asian hair can fall off easier than Caucasian hair because the adhesive that holds the cuticle cells together in the latter fails when exposed to harsh chemicals and heat. An Asian hair studio in Toronto, ON, can minimize hair damage and help you garner the best hair treatment outcome.

Most sought-after Asian hairstyles in 2020

Every girl can get bored with the regular ponytails and old-fashioned updos. If you are looking for inspiration for a new hairstyle, here are some of the most trending haircuts this year:

  1. If you love bold colors, ask your stylist for a smoky purple-ombre' hair color treatment, and pair it with long locks of giant, bouncy curls for a stunning hair makeover.
  2. Combining brown and blonde shades can provide your Asian hair with a really cool tone as it meshes well with more dark-colored lock.
  3. Shaggy hairstyles from the '70s are back and work wonderfully well on Asian hairs. Go for medium layered strands and pair it with cute bangs and highlights for an ultra-modern look.

In addition to these, black to light brown ombre waves is another popular Asian hair trend making rounds this year. At our Japanese hair studio in Toronto, ON, we also see a rising demand for asymmetrical A-line bob hair cuts and textured waves.

Asian hair care tips

As one of the top Korean hair salons in Toronto, we meet with hundreds of clients every week, asking us for hair care advice. Here are some tips to help you take better care of your Asian hair:

  • Asian hair can feel less dense compared to other hair types, so steer clear of excess oil and other conditioning agents to prevent product build-up and weighing your hair down.
  • Limit the number of hair color treatments and procedures that you get for your hair. Be sure to go to the best Asian hair salon in Toronto, ON, for oil and coloring treatments to prevent damage to the hair cuticle.
  • Use light mousse products for blow-drying or curling or straightening your hair. Texturizing sprays make for another great styling option as they add extra volume and better texture to the Asian hair.

We are the best hair salon for Asian hair in Toronto with over 20 years of professional styling experience. We also specialize in offering the most trending hair color treatments and hair cuts for Asian hair types. Call A & I Hair Salon at 416-449-3838 for appointments.

Best Hair Salon For Asian Hair Toronto

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Best Hair Salon For Asian Hair Toronto

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