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> home > hair multiplication hair multiplication cell based hair restoration Treatment Hair Multiplication Forum Hair Multiplication or sometimes referred to as hair cloning is the most anticipated research in hair restoration nowadays. The idea is for donor cells to be extracted from our existing hair follicles in a minimally invasive manner.

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Learn from HairSite's top ranked faculty surgeons. hair transplant training topics include the hugely popular minimally invasive fue hair transplant technique, body hair transplant (BHT), facial hair transplant, eyebrow & eyelash restoration, Platelet Rich Plasma PRP hair therapy, hair transplant repair, women hair transplant and more.

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Aug 16, 2016  · asmed surgical medical center Dr Koray Erdogan, MD Member, International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons Istanbul, Turkey - View my IAHRS Profile - For info, evaluations and quotations: - Telephone Contacts (Numbers active in working time and 24h for urgencies): Main number : (+90) 216 464 11 11

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