Argan Oil Detangler

Posted on October 19, 2020

Argan Oil Detangler

Long, beautiful locks require more time and care than short hair styles, but at what cost? If you’re spending too much time combing out tangles and knots, A&I Hair Salon has an affordable solution in our Argan Oil detangler called BaBylissArgan Oil Treatment, one of the most popular hair care products we carry. BaByliss has been called the best Morocco Argan Oil on the market- as a glide-thru detangler, it’s superior to other conditioners being sold today.

5 Reasons You’ll Love BaByliss Argan Oil Detangler

1. If you currently use conditioners to prevent tangles, you may have noticed that your hair suffers as a result of using products laden with chemicals. Contrary to most OTC products that expose your hair to toxins, BaByliss actually protects your hair from those types of elements, forming a barrier around your hair’s shaft and keeping heat and chemicals from penetrating and causing split ends and damage.

2. As a hair detangler spray for curly hair, nothing surpasses BaByliss. Twist off the cap and twist on your own spray nozzle or pour BaByliss into your own spray bottle and coat the entire hair shaft from root to tip after washing with your favorite shampoo. Gently comb through and allow to air dry- you’ll love how your curls naturally fall using BaByliss Argan Oil Detangler.

3. Leave cheap conditioners on the shelf that dry out hair and leave it looking frizzy- BaByliss is the only hydrating curl detangler you’ll ever want to use. When you see the shine and healthy highlights left behind after using our detangler, you’ll never want to try another cheap product.

4. If you’re looking for an affordable product that will last a long time on your shelf, BaByliss can save you a lot of money on hair care. Forget about $50 oil treatments at your hair salon- use BaByliss at home any time you want to experience its detangling properties and rich shine on your hair- at just pennies per application you’ll love how our Argan Oil detangler fits your budget.

5. Argan Oil for hair problems has been used as a treatment for centuries by Moroccan women, and today it is used the world over for its unique smoothing properties and its ability to leave hair looking and feeling silky and beautifully finished. BaByliss is the natural choice for healthy locks that resist breakage and split ends.

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Argan Oil Detangler

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