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Slated to launch on Juneteenth 2023, the open source afro hair library will be the first of its caliber to inspire and normalize Black inclusion in the world of gaming, virtual/augmented reality ...

The lack of Black representation in games stems from a failure to understand the Black gaming audience, creators say.

Slated to launch on Juneteenth 2023, the Open Source Afro Hair Library will be the first of its caliber. This visual representation of Black hair ...

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Oakland-based artist A.M. Darke is building a team of creatives who want to make Black hair more realistic in video games.

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Exactly eight days after the album's debut, Afro-Latina singer and tiktok star ... gifted with a voice that sounds straight out of a recording studio — even with her "janky" speaker and karaoke ...

Live from Studio 8H, it's Ariana DeBose ... "It is great to be here representing not only the Latino community as an Afro-Latina, but also the Broadway community," she said.

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