Addiction Treatment Orange County

Posted on March 16, 2023

If you seek immediate clinical and psychiatric assistance with your addiction, Coastline Behavioral Health is here to help. We offer premier addiction treatment in Orange County, patient-oriented care, customizable detox, and impeccable customer support. Our rehab program is ideal for people struggling with co-occurring mental issues that impact their life’s quality and affect their everyday living.

Our view on drug and alcohol rehab

We believe that every rehab patient deserves the best rehabilitation treatment available. Substance addiction is a debilitating and life-threatening disorder with devastating implications over the years. Our top-rated addiction rehab centers in Costa Mesa provide you with the best medical and psychiatric care in the industry via:

  • Personalized detox treatment – Every patient goes through an extensive clinical assessment phase prior to detox. This procedure allows our professionals to gather critical information about your addiction, co-occurring disorders, medical history, overall physical and mental health, emotional status, etc. The experts will use this critical data to tailor the treatment to your unique recovery needs and goals.
  • Structured recovery protocol – We use specific medication and psychotherapy modalities, depending on your addiction specifics. This allows us to rely on targeted treatment based on your addiction’s profile, addressing specific addictions via specific recovery programs (heroin, amphetamine, inhalant addiction, hallucinogen addiction, etc.)
  • Mixing conventional treatments with holistic modalities – Our Costa Mesa inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers rely on a blend of conventional rehab procedures and holistic modalities to achieve the best recovery results. Some of the therapies we’re using include CBT, DBT, experiential therapy, group therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, pharmacotherapy, etc. All these procedures come with their own benefits, addressing our patients mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances along the way.
  • Advanced dual diagnosis treatment – Mental health is a serious topic in the US, with millions of Americans struggling with co-occurring disorders and mental health issues daily. Our drug rehab in Orange County offers customizable and structured dual diagnosis treatment, dealing with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, co-dependency, etc. We also provide long-term management solutions comprising of medication, therapy, and counseling, both during the rehab treatment and beyond.

Our recovery philosophy

Our rehab in Costa Mesa offers the highest level of care, assistance, and guidance in the field. Our goal is to help people overcome addiction and learn how to live independent, self-sufficient, and fulfilling lifestyles post-rehab. This means teaching our patients how to:

  • Work towards more flourishing careers
  • Contain their harmful behaviors and thoughts
  • Prevent relapse over the years
  • Communicate more effectively with those around them
  • Grow into a more responsible, organized, and positive individual
  • Avoid social triggers that may jeopardize their sobriety goals, etc.

Joining our CA drug and alcohol rehab program is essential for quick recovery from addiction and long-lasting sobriety. If you’re interested in our addiction treatment in Orange County, we advise you to contact our professionals as soon as possible.

Coastline Behavioral Health is available for contact at 714-841-2260. You can call our professionals today for an appointment and come to our center for clinical evaluation and detox planning as soon as you’re ready.

Addiction Treatment Orange County

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Addiction Treatment Orange County

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